Altegris Advisors LLC

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
ELSAXAltegris Equity Long Short FundAAlternative Long/Short Equity
ELSCXAltegris Equity Long Short FundCAlternative Long/Short Equity
ELSIXAltegris Equity Long Short FundIAlternative Long/Short Equity
ELSNXAltegris Equity Long Short FundNAlternative Long/Short Equity
FXDAXAltegris Fixed Income Long Short FundAAlternative Credit Focus
FXDCXAltegris Fixed Income Long Short FundCAlternative Credit Focus
FXDIXAltegris Fixed Income Long Short FundIAlternative Credit Focus
FXDNXAltegris Fixed Income Long Short FundNAlternative Credit Focus
EVOAXAltegris Futures Evolution Strategy FundAAlternative Managed Futures
EVOCXAltegris Futures Evolution Strategy FundCAlternative Managed Futures
EVOIXAltegris Futures Evolution Strategy FundIAlternative Managed Futures
EVONXAltegris Futures Evolution Strategy FundNAlternative Managed Futures
MCRAXAltegris Macro Strategy FundAAlternative Global MACRO
MCRCXAltegris Macro Strategy FundCAlternative Global MACRO
MCRIXAltegris Macro Strategy FundIAlternative Global MACRO
MCRNXAltegris Macro Strategy FundNAlternative Global MACRO
MFTAXAltegris Managed Futures Strategy FundAAlternative Managed Futures
MFTCXAltegris Managed Futures Strategy FundCAlternative Managed Futures
MFTIXAltegris Managed Futures Strategy FundIAlternative Managed Futures
MFTOXAltegris Managed Futures Strategy FundOAlternative Managed Futures
MULAXAltegris Multi-Strategy Alternative FundAAlternative Multi-Strategy
MULIXAltegris Multi-Strategy Alternative FundIAlternative Multi-Strategy
MULNXAltegris Multi-Strategy Alternative FundNAlternative Multi-Strategy
RAAAXAltegris/AACA Real Estate Long Short FundAReal Estate
RAAIXAltegris/AACA Real Estate Long Short FundIReal Estate
RAANXAltegris/AACA Real Estate Long Short FundNReal Estate

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