Allianz Global Investors

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
AABSXAllianzGI Best Styles Emerging Markets Equity FundAEmerging Markets
ACBSXAllianzGI Best Styles Emerging Markets Equity FundCEmerging Markets
ASMPXAllianzGI Best Styles Emerging Markets Equity FundPEmerging Markets
ABSTXAllianzGI Best Styles Emerging Markets Equity FundR6Emerging Markets
AEMKXAllianzGI Best Styles Emerging Markets Equity FundInstitutional ClEmerging Markets
AABUXAllianzGI Best Styles US Equity FundAMulti-Cap Core
ACBUXAllianzGI Best Styles US Equity FundCMulti-Cap Core
ALBPXAllianzGI Best Styles US Equity FundPMulti-Cap Core
ALSEXAllianzGI Best Styles US Equity FundR6Multi-Cap Core
ABTLXAllianzGI Best Styles US Equity FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Core
ALQAXAllianzGI China Equity FundAChina Region
ALQCXAllianzGI China Equity FundCChina Region
ALQPXAllianzGI China Equity FundPChina Region
ALQIXAllianzGI China Equity FundInstitutionalChina Region
ANNAXAllianzGI Convertible FundAdministrativeConvertible Securities
ANZAXAllianzGI Convertible FundAConvertible Securities
ANZCXAllianzGI Convertible FundCConvertible Securities
ANCMXAllianzGI Convertible FundPConvertible Securities
ANZRXAllianzGI Convertible FundRConvertible Securities
ANNPXAllianzGI Convertible FundInstitutionalConvertible Securities
AMMAXAllianzGI Emerging Markets Consumer FundAEmerging Markets
AERIXAllianzGI Emerging Markets Consumer FundInstitutionalEmerging Markets
AGMAXAllianzGI Emerging Markets Debt FundAEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
AGMCXAllianzGI Emerging Markets Debt FundCEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
AGMPXAllianzGI Emerging Markets Debt FundPEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
AGMIXAllianzGI Emerging Markets Debt FundInstitutionalEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
AOTAXAllianzGI Emerging Markets Opportunities FundAEmerging Markets
AOTCXAllianzGI Emerging Markets Opportunities FundCEmerging Markets
AEMPXAllianzGI Emerging Markets Opportunities FundPEmerging Markets
AEMOXAllianzGI Emerging Markets Opportunities FundR6Emerging Markets
AOTIXAllianzGI Emerging Markets Opportunities FundInstitutionalEmerging Markets
ALMMXAllianzGI Emerging Markets Small-Cap FundAEmerging Markets
ALAIXAllianzGI Emerging Markets Small-Cap FundInstitutionalEmerging Markets
EEDFXAllianzGI Europe Equity Dividend FundAEuropean Region
EEDCXAllianzGI Europe Equity Dividend FundCEuropean Region
EEDPXAllianzGI Europe Equity Dividend FundPEuropean Region
EEDIXAllianzGI Europe Equity Dividend FundInstitutionalEuropean Region
PGFAXAllianzGI Focused Growth FundAdministrativeLarge-Cap Growth
PGWAXAllianzGI Focused Growth FundALarge-Cap Growth
PGWCXAllianzGI Focused Growth FundCLarge-Cap Growth
AOGPXAllianzGI Focused Growth FundPLarge-Cap Growth
PPGRXAllianzGI Focused Growth FundRLarge-Cap Growth
AFGFXAllianzGI Focused Growth FundR6Large-Cap Growth
PGFIXAllianzGI Focused Growth FundInstitutionalLarge-Cap Growth
AGAMXAllianzGI Global Allocation FundAdministrativeAlternative Global MACRO
PALAXAllianzGI Global Allocation FundAAlternative Global MACRO
PALCXAllianzGI Global Allocation FundCAlternative Global MACRO
AGAPXAllianzGI Global Allocation FundPAlternative Global MACRO
AGARXAllianzGI Global Allocation FundRAlternative Global MACRO
AGASXAllianzGI Global Allocation FundR6Alternative Global MACRO
PALLXAllianzGI Global Allocation FundInstitutionalAlternative Global MACRO
AGFAXAllianzGI Global Dynamic Allocation FundAdministrativeAlternative Global MACRO
ASGAXAllianzGI Global Dynamic Allocation FundAAlternative Global MACRO
ASACXAllianzGI Global Dynamic Allocation FundCAlternative Global MACRO
AGSPXAllianzGI Global Dynamic Allocation FundPAlternative Global MACRO
ASFRXAllianzGI Global Dynamic Allocation FundRAlternative Global MACRO
ADYFXAllianzGI Global Dynamic Allocation FundR6Alternative Global MACRO
AGAIXAllianzGI Global Dynamic Allocation FundInstitutionalAlternative Global MACRO
AZDAXAllianzGI Global Fundamental Strategy FundAAbsolute Return
AZDCXAllianzGI Global Fundamental Strategy FundCAbsolute Return
AZDPXAllianzGI Global Fundamental Strategy FundPAbsolute Return
AZDIXAllianzGI Global Fundamental Strategy FundInstitutionalAbsolute Return
ARMAXAllianzGI Global Natural Resources FundAGlobal Natural Resources
ARMCXAllianzGI Global Natural Resources FundCGlobal Natural Resources
APGPXAllianzGI Global Natural Resources FundPGlobal Natural Resources
RGLIXAllianzGI Global Natural Resources FundInstitutionalGlobal Natural Resources
AWTAXAllianzGI Global Water FundAGlobal Natural Resources
AWTCXAllianzGI Global Water FundCGlobal Natural Resources
AWTPXAllianzGI Global Water FundPGlobal Natural Resources
AWTIXAllianzGI Global Water FundInstitutionalGlobal Natural Resources
RAGHXAllianzGI Health Sciences FundAHealth/Biotechnology
RCGHXAllianzGI Health Sciences FundCHealth/Biotechnology
HLHIXAllianzGI Health Sciences FundInstitutionalHealth/Biotechnology
AYBVXAllianzGI High Yield Bond FundAdministrativeHigh Yield
AYBAXAllianzGI High Yield Bond FundAHigh Yield
AYBCXAllianzGI High Yield Bond FundCHigh Yield
AYBPXAllianzGI High Yield Bond FundPHigh Yield
AYBRXAllianzGI High Yield Bond FundRHigh Yield
AYBIXAllianzGI High Yield Bond FundInstitutionalHigh Yield
AZNAXAllianzGI Income & Growth FundAFlexible Portfolio
AZNCXAllianzGI Income & Growth FundCFlexible Portfolio
AIGPXAllianzGI Income & Growth FundPFlexible Portfolio
AIGRXAllianzGI Income & Growth FundRFlexible Portfolio
AZNIXAllianzGI Income & Growth FundInstitutionalFlexible Portfolio
GMCAXAllianzGI Micro Cap FundASmall-Cap Growth
AAMPXAllianzGI Micro Cap FundPSmall-Cap Growth
AMCIXAllianzGI Micro Cap FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Growth
DRMAXAllianzGI Mid-Cap FundAdministrativeMulti-Cap Growth
RMDAXAllianzGI Mid-Cap FundAMulti-Cap Growth
RMDCXAllianzGI Mid-Cap FundCMulti-Cap Growth
ARMPXAllianzGI Mid-Cap FundPMulti-Cap Growth
PRMRXAllianzGI Mid-Cap FundRMulti-Cap Growth
DRMCXAllianzGI Mid-Cap FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Growth
ALRAXAllianzGI Multi-Asset Real Return FundAAlternative Global MACRO
ALLCXAllianzGI Multi-Asset Real Return FundCAlternative Global MACRO
ALRPXAllianzGI Multi-Asset Real Return FundPAlternative Global MACRO
ALRNXAllianzGI Multi-Asset Real Return FundInstitutionalAlternative Global MACRO
ANDAXAllianzGI NFJ Dividend Value FundAdministrativeEquity Income
PNEAXAllianzGI NFJ Dividend Value FundAEquity Income
PNECXAllianzGI NFJ Dividend Value FundCEquity Income
ADJPXAllianzGI NFJ Dividend Value FundPEquity Income
PNERXAllianzGI NFJ Dividend Value FundREquity Income
ANDVXAllianzGI NFJ Dividend Value FundR6Equity Income
NFJEXAllianzGI NFJ Dividend Value FundInstitutionalEquity Income
AZMAXAllianzGI NFJ Emerging Markets Value FundAEmerging Markets
AZMCXAllianzGI NFJ Emerging Markets Value FundCEmerging Markets
AZMPXAllianzGI NFJ Emerging Markets Value FundPEmerging Markets
AZMIXAllianzGI NFJ Emerging Markets Value FundInstitutionalEmerging Markets
ANUAXAllianzGI NFJ Global Dividend Value FundAGlobal Equity Income
ANUCXAllianzGI NFJ Global Dividend Value FundCGlobal Equity Income
ANUPXAllianzGI NFJ Global Dividend Value FundPGlobal Equity Income
ANUIXAllianzGI NFJ Global Dividend Value FundInstitutionalGlobal Equity Income
ALNFXAllianzGI NFJ Large-Cap Value FundAdministrativeLarge-Cap Value
PNBAXAllianzGI NFJ Large-Cap Value FundALarge-Cap Value
PNBCXAllianzGI NFJ Large-Cap Value FundCLarge-Cap Value
ALCPXAllianzGI NFJ Large-Cap Value FundPLarge-Cap Value
ANLRXAllianzGI NFJ Large-Cap Value FundRLarge-Cap Value
ANVIXAllianzGI NFJ Large-Cap Value FundInstitutionalLarge-Cap Value
PRAAXAllianzGI NFJ Mid-Cap Value FundAdministrativeMulti-Cap Value
PQNAXAllianzGI NFJ Mid-Cap Value FundAMulti-Cap Value
PQNCXAllianzGI NFJ Mid-Cap Value FundCMulti-Cap Value
ANRPXAllianzGI NFJ Mid-Cap Value FundPMulti-Cap Value
PRNRXAllianzGI NFJ Mid-Cap Value FundRMulti-Cap Value
PRNIXAllianzGI NFJ Mid-Cap Value FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Value
PVADXAllianzGI NFJ Small-Cap Value FundAdministrativeSmall-Cap Value
PCVAXAllianzGI NFJ Small-Cap Value FundASmall-Cap Value
PCVCXAllianzGI NFJ Small-Cap Value FundCSmall-Cap Value
ASVPXAllianzGI NFJ Small-Cap Value FundPSmall-Cap Value
PNVRXAllianzGI NFJ Small-Cap Value FundRSmall-Cap Value
ANFVXAllianzGI NFJ Small-Cap Value FundR6Small-Cap Value
PSVIXAllianzGI NFJ Small-Cap Value FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Value
AGLMXAllianzGI Retirement 2020 FundAdministrativeMixed-Asset Target 2020
AGLAXAllianzGI Retirement 2020 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2020
ABSCXAllianzGI Retirement 2020 FundCMixed-Asset Target 2020
AGLPXAllianzGI Retirement 2020 FundPMixed-Asset Target 2020
AGLRXAllianzGI Retirement 2020 FundRMixed-Asset Target 2020
AGNIXAllianzGI Retirement 2020 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2020
GVDAXAllianzGI Retirement 2025 FundAdministrativeMixed-Asset Target 2025
GVSAXAllianzGI Retirement 2025 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2025
GVSPXAllianzGI Retirement 2025 FundPMixed-Asset Target 2025
GVSRXAllianzGI Retirement 2025 FundRMixed-Asset Target 2025
GVSIXAllianzGI Retirement 2025 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2025
ABAMXAllianzGI Retirement 2030 FundAdministrativeMixed-Asset Target 2030
ABLAXAllianzGI Retirement 2030 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2030
ABLCXAllianzGI Retirement 2030 FundCMixed-Asset Target 2030
ABLPXAllianzGI Retirement 2030 FundPMixed-Asset Target 2030
ABLRXAllianzGI Retirement 2030 FundRMixed-Asset Target 2030
ABLIXAllianzGI Retirement 2030 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2030
GVLAXAllianzGI Retirement 2035 FundAdministrativeMixed-Asset Target 2035
GVRAXAllianzGI Retirement 2035 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2035
GVPAXAllianzGI Retirement 2035 FundPMixed-Asset Target 2035
GVRRXAllianzGI Retirement 2035 FundRMixed-Asset Target 2035
GVLIXAllianzGI Retirement 2035 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2035
AVAMXAllianzGI Retirement 2040 FundAdministrativeMixed-Asset Target 2040
AVSAXAllianzGI Retirement 2040 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2040
AVSCXAllianzGI Retirement 2040 FundCMixed-Asset Target 2040
AVSPXAllianzGI Retirement 2040 FundPMixed-Asset Target 2040
AVSRXAllianzGI Retirement 2040 FundRMixed-Asset Target 2040
AVTIXAllianzGI Retirement 2040 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2040
GBMAXAllianzGI Retirement 2045 FundAdministrativeMixed-Asset Target 2045
GBVAXAllianzGI Retirement 2045 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2045
GBVPXAllianzGI Retirement 2045 FundPMixed-Asset Target 2045
GBVRXAllianzGI Retirement 2045 FundRMixed-Asset Target 2045
GBVIXAllianzGI Retirement 2045 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2045
ANAMXAllianzGI Retirement 2050 FundAdministrativeMixed-Asset Target 2050
ASNAXAllianzGI Retirement 2050 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2050
ASNCXAllianzGI Retirement 2050 FundCMixed-Asset Target 2050
ASNPXAllianzGI Retirement 2050 FundPMixed-Asset Target 2050
ASNRXAllianzGI Retirement 2050 FundRMixed-Asset Target 2050
ASNIXAllianzGI Retirement 2050 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2050
GLRAXAllianzGI Retirement 2055 FundAdministrativeMixed-Asset Target 2055+
GLIAXAllianzGI Retirement 2055 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2055+
GLIPXAllianzGI Retirement 2055 FundPMixed-Asset Target 2055+
GLLRXAllianzGI Retirement 2055 FundRMixed-Asset Target 2055+
GBLIXAllianzGI Retirement 2055 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2055+
ARAMXAllianzGI Retirement Income FundAdministrativeMixed-Asset Target Today
AGRAXAllianzGI Retirement Income FundAMixed-Asset Target Today
ARTCXAllianzGI Retirement Income FundCMixed-Asset Target Today
AGRPXAllianzGI Retirement Income FundPMixed-Asset Target Today
ASRRXAllianzGI Retirement Income FundRMixed-Asset Target Today
AVRIXAllianzGI Retirement Income FundR6Mixed-Asset Target Today
ASHAXAllianzGI Short Duration High Income FundAHigh Yield
ASHCXAllianzGI Short Duration High Income FundCHigh Yield
ASHPXAllianzGI Short Duration High Income FundPHigh Yield
ASHIXAllianzGI Short Duration High Income FundInstitutionalHigh Yield
AZBAXAllianzGI Small-Cap Blend FundASmall-Cap Core
AZBCXAllianzGI Small-Cap Blend FundCSmall-Cap Core
AZBPXAllianzGI Small-Cap Blend FundPSmall-Cap Core
AZBIXAllianzGI Small-Cap Blend FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Core
AZIAXAllianzGI Structured Return FundAAbsolute Return
AZICXAllianzGI Structured Return FundCAbsolute Return
AZIPXAllianzGI Structured Return FundPAbsolute Return
AZIIXAllianzGI Structured Return FundInstitutionalAbsolute Return
DGTAXAllianzGI Technology FundAdministrativeGlobal Science and Technology
RAGTXAllianzGI Technology FundAGlobal Science and Technology
RCGTXAllianzGI Technology FundCGlobal Science and Technology
ARTPXAllianzGI Technology FundPGlobal Science and Technology
DRGTXAllianzGI Technology FundInstitutionalGlobal Science and Technology
AZUAXAllianzGI US Equity Hedged FundAAlternative Long/Short Equity
AZUCXAllianzGI US Equity Hedged FundCAlternative Long/Short Equity
AZUPXAllianzGI US Equity Hedged FundPAlternative Long/Short Equity
AZUIXAllianzGI US Equity Hedged FundInstitutionalAlternative Long/Short Equity
AEGAXAllianzGI US Small-Cap Growth FundASmall-Cap Growth
AEGCXAllianzGI US Small-Cap Growth FundCSmall-Cap Growth
AEGPXAllianzGI US Small-Cap Growth FundPSmall-Cap Growth
AEGRXAllianzGI US Small-Cap Growth FundRSmall-Cap Growth
AEMIXAllianzGI US Small-Cap Growth FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Growth
GUCAXAllianzGI Ultra Micro Cap FundASmall-Cap Growth
AAUPXAllianzGI Ultra Micro Cap FundPSmall-Cap Growth
AUMIXAllianzGI Ultra Micro Cap FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Growth
FXICXFixed Income SHares Series CMulti-Sector Income
FXIDXFixed Income SHares Series LDMulti-Sector Income
FXIMXFixed Income SHares Series MMulti-Sector Income
FXIRXFixed Income SHares Series RInflation-Protected Bond
FXIEXFixed Income SHares Series TEOther States Intermediate Municipal Debt

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