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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
QGLDXGold Bullion Strategy FundInvestorPrecious Metals Equity
HFSAXHundredfold Select Alternative FundInvestorAlternative Long/Short Equity
SFHYXHundredfold Select Alternative FundServiceAlternative Long/Short Equity
OTRGXOnTrack Core FundAdvisorFlexible Portfolio
OTRFXOnTrack Core FundInvestorFlexible Portfolio
QACAXQuantified All-Cap Equity FundAdvisorMid-Cap Core
QACFXQuantified All-Cap Equity FundInvestorMid-Cap Core
QALAXQuantified Alternative Investment FundAdvisorAlternative Global MACRO
QALTXQuantified Alternative Investment FundInvestorAlternative Global MACRO
QBDAXQuantified Managed Income FundAdvisorMulti-Sector Income
QBDSXQuantified Managed Income FundInvestorMulti-Sector Income
QMLAXQuantified Market Leaders FundAdvisorFlexible Portfolio
QMLFXQuantified Market Leaders FundInvestorFlexible Portfolio
QSTAXQuantified STF FundAdvisorFlexible Portfolio
QSTFXQuantified STF FundInvestorFlexible Portfolio
SAPEXSpectrum Advisors Preferred FundInvestorAbsolute Return
SVARXSpectrum Low Volatility FundInvestorFlexible Portfolio

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