Cavanal Hill Funds

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
AABAXCavanal Hill Active Core FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
AACBXCavanal Hill Active Core FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
AIBLXCavanal Hill Active Core FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
APBAXCavanal Hill Active Core FundInvestorMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
AABOXCavanal Hill Bond FundACore Bond
AIBNXCavanal Hill Bond FundInstitutionalCore Bond
APBDXCavanal Hill Bond FundNo-Load InvestorCore Bond
APCXXCavanal Hill Government Securities Money Market FundAdministrativeU.S. Government Money Market
APHXXCavanal Hill Government Securities Money Market FundInstitutionalInstitutional U.S. Government Money Market
APPXXCavanal Hill Government Securities Money Market FundPremierInstitutional U.S. Government Money Market
AAIBXCavanal Hill Intermediate Bond FundAShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
AIFBXCavanal Hill Intermediate Bond FundInstitutionalShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
APFBXCavanal Hill Intermediate Bond FundNo-Load InvestorShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
AATFXCavanal Hill Intermediate Tax-Free Bond FundAIntermediate Municipal Debt
AITEXCavanal Hill Intermediate Tax-Free Bond FundInstitutionalIntermediate Municipal Debt
APTFXCavanal Hill Intermediate Tax-Free Bond FundNo-Load InvestorIntermediate Municipal Debt
AAOPXCavanal Hill Opportunistic FundAAbsolute Return
AACOXCavanal Hill Opportunistic FundCAbsolute Return
AIOPXCavanal Hill Opportunistic FundInstitutionalAbsolute Return
APOPXCavanal Hill Opportunistic FundInvestorAbsolute Return
AASTXCavanal Hill Short-Term Income FundAShort-Investment-Grade Debt
AISTXCavanal Hill Short-Term Income FundInstitutionalShort-Investment-Grade Debt
APSTXCavanal Hill Short-Term Income FundNo-Load InvestorShort-Investment-Grade Debt
APBXXCavanal Hill Tax-Free Money Market FundAdministrativeTax-Exempt Money Market
ACPXXCavanal Hill Tax-Free Money Market FundPremierInstitutional Tax-Exempt Money Market
APEXXCavanal Hill Tax-Free Money Market FundReserveInstitutional Tax-Exempt Money Market
AIFXXCavanal Hill Tax-Free Money Market FundSelectInstitutional Tax-Exempt Money Market
AAEQXCavanal Hill US Large Cap Equity FundALarge-Cap Core
AACEXCavanal Hill US Large Cap Equity FundCLarge-Cap Core
AIEQXCavanal Hill US Large Cap Equity FundInstitutionalLarge-Cap Core
APEQXCavanal Hill US Large Cap Equity FundNo-Load InvestorLarge-Cap Core
APGXXCavanal Hill US Treasury FundAdministrativeU.S. Treasury Money Market
APKXXCavanal Hill US Treasury FundInstitutionalInstitutional U.S. Treasury Money Market
APJXXCavanal Hill US Treasury FundServiceInstitutional U.S. Treasury Money Market
AAWEXCavanal Hill World Energy FundAGlobal Natural Resources
ACWEXCavanal Hill World Energy FundCGlobal Natural Resources
AIWEXCavanal Hill World Energy FundInstitutionalGlobal Natural Resources
APWEXCavanal Hill World Energy FundInvestorGlobal Natural Resources

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