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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
CCVIXCalamos Convertible FundAConvertible Securities
CALBXCalamos Convertible FundBConvertible Securities
CCVCXCalamos Convertible FundCConvertible Securities
CICVXCalamos Convertible FundIConvertible Securities
CCVRXCalamos Convertible FundRConvertible Securities
CADGXCalamos Discovery Growth FundASmall-Cap Growth
CBDGXCalamos Discovery Growth FundBSmall-Cap Growth
CCDGXCalamos Discovery Growth FundCSmall-Cap Growth
CIDGXCalamos Discovery Growth FundISmall-Cap Growth
CRDGXCalamos Discovery Growth FundRSmall-Cap Growth
CADVXCalamos Dividend Growth FundAEquity Income
CCDVXCalamos Dividend Growth FundCEquity Income
CIDVXCalamos Dividend Growth FundIEquity Income
CRDVXCalamos Dividend Growth FundREquity Income
CEGAXCalamos Emerging Market Equity FundAEmerging Markets
CEGCXCalamos Emerging Market Equity FundCEmerging Markets
CIEIXCalamos Emerging Market Equity FundIEmerging Markets
CEGRXCalamos Emerging Market Equity FundREmerging Markets
CNWGXCalamos Evolving World Growth FundAEmerging Markets
CNWZXCalamos Evolving World Growth FundBEmerging Markets
CNWDXCalamos Evolving World Growth FundCEmerging Markets
CNWIXCalamos Evolving World Growth FundIEmerging Markets
CNWRXCalamos Evolving World Growth FundREmerging Markets
CBCAXCalamos Focus Growth FundALarge-Cap Growth
CBCBXCalamos Focus Growth FundBLarge-Cap Growth
CBXCXCalamos Focus Growth FundCLarge-Cap Growth
CBCIXCalamos Focus Growth FundILarge-Cap Growth
CBCRXCalamos Focus Growth FundRLarge-Cap Growth
CAGCXCalamos Global Convertible FundAConvertible Securities
CCGCXCalamos Global Convertible FundCConvertible Securities
CXGCXCalamos Global Convertible FundIConvertible Securities
CRGCXCalamos Global Convertible FundRConvertible Securities
CVLOXCalamos Global Growth & Income FundAFlexible Portfolio
CVLDXCalamos Global Growth & Income FundBFlexible Portfolio
CVLCXCalamos Global Growth & Income FundCFlexible Portfolio
CGCIXCalamos Global Growth & Income FundIFlexible Portfolio
CVLRXCalamos Global Growth & Income FundRFlexible Portfolio
CVTRXCalamos Growth & Income FundAFlexible Portfolio
CVTYXCalamos Growth & Income FundBFlexible Portfolio
CVTCXCalamos Growth & Income FundCFlexible Portfolio
CGIIXCalamos Growth & Income FundIFlexible Portfolio
CGNRXCalamos Growth & Income FundRFlexible Portfolio
CVGRXCalamos Growth FundAMulti-Cap Growth
CVGBXCalamos Growth FundBMulti-Cap Growth
CVGCXCalamos Growth FundCMulti-Cap Growth
CGRIXCalamos Growth FundIMulti-Cap Growth
CGRRXCalamos Growth FundRMulti-Cap Growth
CAHEXCalamos Hedged Equity Income FundAAbsolute Return
CCHEXCalamos Hedged Equity Income FundCAbsolute Return
CIHEXCalamos Hedged Equity Income FundIAbsolute Return
CRHEXCalamos Hedged Equity Income FundRAbsolute Return
CHYDXCalamos High Income FundAHigh Yield
CAHBXCalamos High Income FundBHigh Yield
CCHYXCalamos High Income FundCHigh Yield
CIHYXCalamos High Income FundIHigh Yield
CHYRXCalamos High Income FundRHigh Yield
CALSXCalamos Long/Short FundAAlternative Long/Short Equity
CCLSXCalamos Long/Short FundCAlternative Long/Short Equity
CILSXCalamos Long/Short FundIAlternative Long/Short Equity
CRLSXCalamos Long/Short FundRAlternative Long/Short Equity
CVSIXCalamos Market Neutral Income FundAAlternative Equity Market-Neutral
CAMNXCalamos Market Neutral Income FundBAlternative Equity Market-Neutral
CVSCXCalamos Market Neutral Income FundCAlternative Equity Market-Neutral
CMNIXCalamos Market Neutral Income FundIAlternative Equity Market-Neutral
CVSRXCalamos Market Neutral Income FundRAlternative Equity Market-Neutral
CMXAXCalamos Mid Cap Growth FundAMid-Cap Growth
CMXCXCalamos Mid Cap Growth FundCMid-Cap Growth
CMXIXCalamos Mid Cap Growth FundIMid-Cap Growth
CMXRXCalamos Mid Cap Growth FundRMid-Cap Growth
CVAAXCalamos Opportunistic Value FundALarge-Cap Value
CVABXCalamos Opportunistic Value FundBLarge-Cap Value
CVACXCalamos Opportunistic Value FundCLarge-Cap Value
CVAIXCalamos Opportunistic Value FundILarge-Cap Value
CVARXCalamos Opportunistic Value FundRLarge-Cap Value
CPLSXCalamos Phineus Long/Short FundAAlternative Long/Short Equity
CPCLXCalamos Phineus Long/Short FundCAlternative Long/Short Equity
CPLIXCalamos Phineus Long/Short FundIAlternative Long/Short Equity
CTRAXCalamos Total Return Bond FundACore Plus Bond
CTXBXCalamos Total Return Bond FundBCore Plus Bond
CTRCXCalamos Total Return Bond FundCCore Plus Bond
CTRIXCalamos Total Return Bond FundICore Plus Bond
CTRRXCalamos Total Return Bond FundRCore Plus Bond

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