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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
AOGAXSalient Adaptive Balanced FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
AGGGXSalient Adaptive Balanced FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
ACGAXSalient Adaptive Balanced FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
AGALXSalient Adaptive Balanced FundInvestorMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
AILAXSalient Adaptive Income FundAFlexible Portfolio
AIACXSalient Adaptive Income FundCFlexible Portfolio
AIAAXSalient Adaptive Income FundInstitutionalFlexible Portfolio
AIAIXSalient Adaptive Income FundInvestorFlexible Portfolio
ASMCXSalient Adaptive US Equity FundInstitutionalMid-Cap Core
ACSIXSalient Adaptive US Equity FundInvestorMid-Cap Core
FCMSXSalient Commodity Long/Short Strategy FundAdvisorCommodities General
FFCCXSalient Commodity Long/Short Strategy FundCCommodities General
FCMLXSalient Commodity Long/Short Strategy FundInstitutionalCommodities General
FCOMXSalient Commodity Long/Short Strategy FundInvestorCommodities General
FFXMXSalient EM Corporate Debt FundAdvisorEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
FFXCXSalient EM Corporate Debt FundCEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
FFXIXSalient EM Corporate Debt FundInstitutionalEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
FFXRXSalient EM Corporate Debt FundInvestorEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
FEMMXSalient EM Dividend Signal FundAdvisorEmerging Markets
PTEMXSalient EM Dividend Signal FundInstitutionalEmerging Markets
PGERXSalient EM Dividend Signal FundInvestorEmerging Markets
FGIMXSalient EM Infrastructure FundAdvisorGlobal Infrastructure
KGIAXSalient EM Infrastructure FundAGlobal Infrastructure
KGIBXSalient EM Infrastructure FundBGlobal Infrastructure
KGICXSalient EM Infrastructure FundCGlobal Infrastructure
KGIYXSalient EM Infrastructure FundInstitutionalGlobal Infrastructure
FGLRXSalient EM Infrastructure FundInvestorGlobal Infrastructure
FROMXSalient Frontier Strategy FundAdvisorEmerging Markets
FRNMXSalient Frontier Strategy FundInstitutionalEmerging Markets
FRONXSalient Frontier Strategy FundInvestorEmerging Markets
AHYIXSalient High Yield Bond FundCHigh Yield
AHBAXSalient High Yield Bond FundInstitutionalHigh Yield
AHBIXSalient High Yield Bond FundInvestorHigh Yield
FIDMXSalient International Dividend Signal FundAdvisorInternational Equity Income
FFDAXSalient International Dividend Signal FundAInternational Equity Income
FINCXSalient International Dividend Signal FundCInternational Equity Income
FFIEXSalient International Dividend Signal FundInstitutionalInternational Equity Income
FFINXSalient International Dividend Signal FundInvestorInternational Equity Income
FINMXSalient International Real Estate FundAdvisorInternational Real Estate
KIRAXSalient International Real Estate FundAInternational Real Estate
KIRCXSalient International Real Estate FundCInternational Real Estate
KIRYXSalient International Real Estate FundInstitutionalInternational Real Estate
FFIRXSalient International Real Estate FundInvestorInternational Real Estate
AIFIXSalient Investment Grade FundInstitutionalCore Bond
AITIXSalient Investment Grade FundInvestorCore Bond
KREAXSalient Real Estate FundAReal Estate
KRECXSalient Real Estate FundCReal Estate
FPREXSalient Real Estate FundInstitutionalReal Estate
FFREXSalient Real Estate FundInvestorReal Estate
FSIMXSalient Select Income FundAdvisorReal Estate
KIFAXSalient Select Income FundAReal Estate
KIFBXSalient Select Income FundBReal Estate
KIFCXSalient Select Income FundCReal Estate
KIFYXSalient Select Income FundInstitutionalReal Estate
FFSLXSalient Select Income FundInvestorReal Estate
FSONXSalient Select Opportunity FundAFlexible Portfolio
FSOCXSalient Select Opportunity FundCFlexible Portfolio
FSOTXSalient Select Opportunity FundInstitutionalFlexible Portfolio
FSORXSalient Select Opportunity FundInvestorFlexible Portfolio
FTGMXSalient Tactical Growth FundsAdvisorAbsolute Return
FTAGXSalient Tactical Growth FundsAAbsolute Return
FTGOXSalient Tactical Growth FundsCAbsolute Return
FTGWXSalient Tactical Growth FundsInstitutionalAbsolute Return
FFTGXSalient Tactical Growth FundsInvestorAbsolute Return
FLSMXSalient Tactical Muni & Credit FundAdvisorAlternative Credit Focus
FLSLXSalient Tactical Muni & Credit FundAAlternative Credit Focus
FLSFXSalient Tactical Muni & Credit FundCAlternative Credit Focus
FLSIXSalient Tactical Muni & Credit FundInstitutionalAlternative Credit Focus
FLSRXSalient Tactical Muni & Credit FundInvestorAlternative Credit Focus
FRLSXSalient Tactical Real Estate FundAdvisorReal Estate
KSRAXSalient Tactical Real Estate FundAReal Estate
KSRBXSalient Tactical Real Estate FundBReal Estate
KSRCXSalient Tactical Real Estate FundCReal Estate
KSRYXSalient Tactical Real Estate FundInstitutionalReal Estate
FFSRXSalient Tactical Real Estate FundInvestorReal Estate
FDYAXSalient US Dividend Signal FundAFlexible Portfolio
FDYTXSalient US Dividend Signal FundInstitutionalFlexible Portfolio
FDYRXSalient US Dividend Signal FundInvestorFlexible Portfolio

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