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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
TVRAXGuggenheim Directional Allocation FundAMulti-Cap Growth
TVRCXGuggenheim Directional Allocation FundCMulti-Cap Growth
TVRIXGuggenheim Directional Allocation FundIMulti-Cap Growth
TVFRXGuggenheim Directional Allocation FundPMulti-Cap Growth
GUMAXGuggenheim Market Neutral Real Estate FundAReal Estate
GUMCXGuggenheim Market Neutral Real Estate FundCReal Estate
GUMPXGuggenheim Market Neutral Real Estate FundPReal Estate
GUMNXGuggenheim Market Neutral Real Estate FundInstitutionalReal Estate
TVEAXGuggenheim RBP Dividend FundAEquity Income
TVECXGuggenheim RBP Dividend FundCEquity Income
TVEIXGuggenheim RBP Dividend FundIEquity Income
TVEFXGuggenheim RBP Dividend FundPEquity Income
TVDAXGuggenheim RBP Large-Cap Defensive FundAMulti-Cap Core
TVDCXGuggenheim RBP Large-Cap Defensive FundCMulti-Cap Core
TVIDXGuggenheim RBP Large-Cap Defensive FundIMulti-Cap Core
TVFDXGuggenheim RBP Large-Cap Defensive FundPMulti-Cap Core
TVMAXGuggenheim RBP Large-Cap Market FundAMulti-Cap Growth
TVMCXGuggenheim RBP Large-Cap Market FundCMulti-Cap Growth
TVIMXGuggenheim RBP Large-Cap Market FundIMulti-Cap Growth
TVFMXGuggenheim RBP Large-Cap Market FundPMulti-Cap Growth
TVVAXGuggenheim RBP Large-Cap Value FundAMulti-Cap Value
TVVCXGuggenheim RBP Large-Cap Value FundCMulti-Cap Value
TVVIXGuggenheim RBP Large-Cap Value FundIMulti-Cap Value
TVVFXGuggenheim RBP Large-Cap Value FundPMulti-Cap Value

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