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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
GBMFXBenchmark-Free Allocation FundIIIAlternative Global MACRO
GBMBXBenchmark-Free Allocation FundIVAlternative Global MACRO
GGHEXGMO Alpha Only FundIIIAlternative Equity Market-Neutral
GAPOXGMO Alpha Only FundIVAlternative Equity Market-Neutral
GMOBXGMO Asset Allocation Bond FundIIIGeneral Bond
GABFXGMO Asset Allocation Bond FundVIGeneral Bond
GBMRXGMO Benchmark-Free Allocation Series FundR6Alternative Global MACRO
GBFFXGMO Benchmark-Free FundIIIAbsolute Return
GUGAXGMO Core Plus Bond FundIIICore Plus Bond
GPBFXGMO Core Plus Bond FundIVCore Plus Bond
GMHBXGMO Currency Hedged International Bond FundIIISpecialty Fixed-Income
GMODXGMO Debt Opportunities FundVIAlternative Credit Focus
GMCEXGMO Emerging Countries FundIIIEmerging Markets
GECRXGMO Emerging Countries Series FundR6Emerging Markets
GMCDXGMO Emerging Country Debt FundIIIEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
GMDFXGMO Emerging Country Debt FundIVEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
GEDTXGMO Emerging Domestic Opportunities FundIIEmerging Markets
GEDSXGMO Emerging Domestic Opportunities FundIIIEmerging Markets
GEDIXGMO Emerging Domestic Opportunities FundIVEmerging Markets
GEDOXGMO Emerging Domestic Opportunities FundVEmerging Markets
GEDFXGMO Emerging Domestic Opportunities FundVIEmerging Markets
GMEMXGMO Emerging Markets FundIIEmerging Markets
GMOEXGMO Emerging Markets FundIIIEmerging Markets
GMEFXGMO Emerging Markets FundIVEmerging Markets
GEMVXGMO Emerging Markets FundVEmerging Markets
GEMMXGMO Emerging Markets FundVIEmerging Markets
GMWAXGMO Global Asset Allocation FundIIIFlexible Portfolio
GATRXGMO Global Asset Allocation Series FundR6Flexible Portfolio
GMGBXGMO Global Bond FundIIIGlobal Income
GQETXGMO Quality FundIIILarge-Cap Core
GQEFXGMO Quality FundIVLarge-Cap Core
GQLFXGMO Quality FundVLarge-Cap Core
GQLOXGMO Quality FundVILarge-Cap Core
GOFIXGMO Resources FundIIIGlobal Natural Resources
GOVIXGMO Resources FundIVGlobal Natural Resources
GSMFXGMO SGM Major Markets FundIIIAlternative Managed Futures
GSMHXGMO SGM Major Markets FundVIAlternative Managed Futures
GSOFXGMO Special Opportunities FundVIAlternative Global MACRO
GBATXGMO Strategic Opportunities Allocation FundIIIAlternative Global MACRO
GMOTXGMO Taiwan FundChina Region
GMUEXGMO US Equity Allocation FundIIILarge-Cap Core
GMRTXGMO US Equity Allocation FundIVLarge-Cap Core
GMCQXGMO US Equity Allocation FundVILarge-Cap Core
GUSTXGMO US Treasury FundShort U.S. Treasury

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