Hennessy Funds

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
HBFBXHennessy Balanced FundInvestorMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
HCBIXHennessy Core Bond FundInstitutionalCore Bond
HCBFXHennessy Core Bond FundInvestorCore Bond
HICGXHennessy Cornerstone Growth FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Core
HFCGXHennessy Cornerstone Growth FundInvestorSmall-Cap Core
HILGXHennessy Cornerstone Large Growth FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Core
HFLGXHennessy Cornerstone Large Growth FundInvestorMulti-Cap Core
HIMDXHennessy Cornerstone Mid Cap 30 FundInstitutionalMid-Cap Value
HFMDXHennessy Cornerstone Mid Cap 30 FundInvestorMid-Cap Value
HICVXHennessy Cornerstone Value FundInstitutionalLarge-Cap Value
HFCVXHennessy Cornerstone Value FundInvestorLarge-Cap Value
HEIIXHennessy Equity and Income FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
HEIFXHennessy Equity and Income FundInvestorMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
HFCIXHennessy Focus FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Growth
HFCSXHennessy Focus FundInvestorMulti-Cap Growth
GASFXHennessy Gas Utility FundInvestorUtility
HJPIXHennessy Japan FundInstitutionalJapanese
HJPNXHennessy Japan FundInvestorJapanese
HJSIXHennessy Japan Small Cap FundInstitutionalJapanese
HJPSXHennessy Japan Small Cap FundInvestorJapanese
HILFXHennessy Large Cap Financial FundInstitutionalFinancial Services
HLFNXHennessy Large Cap Financial FundInvestorFinancial Services
HLVIXHennessy Large Value FundInstitutionalLarge-Cap Value
HLVFXHennessy Large Value FundInvestorLarge-Cap Value
HISFXHennessy Small Cap Financial FundInstitutionalFinancial Services
HSFNXHennessy Small Cap Financial FundInvestorFinancial Services
HTCIXHennessy Technology FundInstitutionalScience and Technology
HTECXHennessy Technology FundInvestorScience and Technology
HDOGXHennessy Total Return FundInvestorLarge-Cap Value

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