Lazard Asset Management LLC

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
LCAIXLazard Capital Allocator Opportunistic Strategies PortfolioInstitutionalFlexible Portfolio
LCAOXLazard Capital Allocator Opportunistic Strategies PortfolioOpenFlexible Portfolio
LDMIXLazard Developing Markets Equity PortfolioInstitutionalEmerging Markets
LDMOXLazard Developing Markets Equity PortfolioOpenEmerging Markets
ECEIXLazard Emerging Markets Core Equity PortfolioInstitutionalEmerging Markets
ECEOXLazard Emerging Markets Core Equity PortfolioOpenEmerging Markets
RLEDXLazard Emerging Markets Debt PortfolioR6Emerging Market Hard Currency Debt
LEDIXLazard Emerging Markets Debt PortfolioInstitutionalEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
LEDOXLazard Emerging Markets Debt PortfolioOpenEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
LEAIXLazard Emerging Markets Equity Advantage PortfolioInstitutionalEmerging Markets
LEAOXLazard Emerging Markets Equity Advantage PortfolioOpenEmerging Markets
EMBIXLazard Emerging Markets Equity Blend PortfolioInstitutionalEmerging Markets
EMBOXLazard Emerging Markets Equity Blend PortfolioOpenEmerging Markets
RLEMXLazard Emerging Markets Equity PortfolioR6Emerging Markets
LZEMXLazard Emerging Markets Equity PortfolioInstitutionalEmerging Markets
LZOEXLazard Emerging Markets Equity PortfolioOpenEmerging Markets
LEIIXLazard Emerging Markets Income PortfolioInstitutionalEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
LEIOXLazard Emerging Markets Income PortfolioOpenEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
EMMIXLazard Emerging Markets Multi Asset PortfolioInstitutionalEmerging Markets
EMMOXLazard Emerging Markets Multi Asset PortfolioOpenEmerging Markets
LEOIXLazard Enhanced Opportunities PortfolioInstitutionalAbsolute Return
LEOOXLazard Enhanced Opportunities PortfolioOpenAbsolute Return
LETIXLazard Explorer Total Return PortfolioInstitutionalEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
LETOXLazard Explorer Total Return PortfolioOpenEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
LLSIXLazard Fundamental Long/Short PortfolioInstitutionalAlternative Long/Short Equity
LLSOXLazard Fundamental Long/Short PortfolioOpenAlternative Long/Short Equity
GDMIXLazard Global Dynamic Multi Asset PortfolioInstitutionalFlexible Portfolio
GDMOXLazard Global Dynamic Multi Asset PortfolioOpenFlexible Portfolio
LZGIXLazard Global Fixed Income PortfolioInstitutionalGlobal Income
LZGOXLazard Global Fixed Income PortfolioOpenGlobal Income
GLIFXLazard Global Listed Infrastructure PortfolioInstitutionalGlobal Infrastructure
GLFOXLazard Global Listed Infrastructure PortfolioOpenGlobal Infrastructure
LITIXLazard Global Realty Equity PortfolioInstitutionalGlobal Real Estate
LITOXLazard Global Realty Equity PortfolioOpenGlobal Real Estate
LZHYXLazard US Corporate Income PortfolioInstitutionalHigh Yield
LZHOXLazard US Corporate Income PortfolioOpenHigh Yield
LEVIXLazard US Equity Concentrated PortfolioInstitutionalMulti-Cap Core
LEVOXLazard US Equity Concentrated PortfolioOpenMulti-Cap Core
LZMIXLazard US Mid Cap Equity PortfolioInstitutionalMid-Cap Core
LZMOXLazard US Mid Cap Equity PortfolioOpenMid-Cap Core
LREIXLazard US Realty Equity PortfolioInstitutionalReal Estate
LREOXLazard US Realty Equity PortfolioOpenReal Estate
LRIIXLazard US Realty Income PortfolioInstitutionalReal Estate
LRIOXLazard US Realty Income PortfolioOpenReal Estate
UMNIXLazard US Short Duration Fixed Income PortfolioInstitutionalShort-Investment-Grade Debt
UMNOXLazard US Short Duration Fixed Income PortfolioOpenShort-Investment-Grade Debt
LZSCXLazard US Small-Mid Cap Equity PortfolioInstitutionalSmall-Cap Core
LZCOXLazard US Small-Mid Cap Equity PortfolioOpenSmall-Cap Core
RLUSXLazard US Strategic Equity PortfolioR6Multi-Cap Core
LZUSXLazard US Strategic Equity PortfolioInstitutionalMulti-Cap Core
LZUOXLazard US Strategic Equity PortfolioOpenMulti-Cap Core

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