Legg Mason

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
SHRAXClearBridge Aggressive Growth FundAMulti-Cap Growth
SAGBXClearBridge Aggressive Growth FundBMulti-Cap Growth
SAGCXClearBridge Aggressive Growth FundCMulti-Cap Growth
LMPFXClearBridge Aggressive Growth FundFIMulti-Cap Growth
SAGYXClearBridge Aggressive Growth FundIMulti-Cap Growth
LSIFXClearBridge Aggressive Growth FundISMulti-Cap Growth
LMPRXClearBridge Aggressive Growth FundRMulti-Cap Growth
SHFVXClearBridge All Cap Value FundAMulti-Cap Value
SFVBXClearBridge All Cap Value FundBMulti-Cap Value
SFVCXClearBridge All Cap Value FundCMulti-Cap Value
SFVYXClearBridge All Cap Value FundIMulti-Cap Value
SHAPXClearBridge Appreciation FundALarge-Cap Core
SAPBXClearBridge Appreciation FundBLarge-Cap Core
SAPCXClearBridge Appreciation FundCLarge-Cap Core
LMPIXClearBridge Appreciation FundFILarge-Cap Core
SAPYXClearBridge Appreciation FundILarge-Cap Core
LMESXClearBridge Appreciation FundISLarge-Cap Core
LMPPXClearBridge Appreciation FundRLarge-Cap Core
LCBOXClearBridge Dividend Strategy Fund1Equity Income
SOPAXClearBridge Dividend Strategy FundAEquity Income
SOPTXClearBridge Dividend Strategy FundBEquity Income
SBPLXClearBridge Dividend Strategy FundCEquity Income
LBRIXClearBridge Dividend Strategy FundFIEquity Income
SOPYXClearBridge Dividend Strategy FundIEquity Income
LCBEXClearBridge Dividend Strategy FundISEquity Income
LMMRXClearBridge Dividend Strategy FundREquity Income
LCPAXClearBridge Energy MLP & Infrastructure FundAEnergy MLP
LCPCXClearBridge Energy MLP & Infrastructure FundCEnergy MLP
LCPIXClearBridge Energy MLP & Infrastructure FundIEnergy MLP
LCPSXClearBridge Energy MLP & Infrastructure FundISEnergy MLP
CGALXClearBridge Global Health Care Innovations FundAGlobal Health/Biotechnology
CGIHXClearBridge Global Health Care Innovations FundIGlobal Health/Biotechnology
CGSLXClearBridge Global Health Care Innovations FundISGlobal Health/Biotechnology
SBLGXClearBridge Large Cap Growth FundALarge-Cap Growth
SLCCXClearBridge Large Cap Growth FundCLarge-Cap Growth
SBLYXClearBridge Large Cap Growth FundILarge-Cap Growth
LSITXClearBridge Large Cap Growth FundISLarge-Cap Growth
LCMMXClearBridge Large Cap Growth FundOLarge-Cap Growth
LMPLXClearBridge Large Cap Growth FundRLarge-Cap Growth
LCLIXClearBridge Large Cap Value Fund1Large-Cap Value
SINAXClearBridge Large Cap Value FundALarge-Cap Value
LIVVXClearBridge Large Cap Value FundA2Large-Cap Value
SINOXClearBridge Large Cap Value FundCLarge-Cap Value
SAIFXClearBridge Large Cap Value FundILarge-Cap Value
LMLSXClearBridge Large Cap Value FundISLarge-Cap Value
LCBVXClearBridge Large Cap Value FundRLarge-Cap Value
SMCPXClearBridge Mid Cap Fund1Mid-Cap Core
SBMAXClearBridge Mid Cap FundAMid-Cap Core
SBMLXClearBridge Mid Cap FundCMid-Cap Core
SMBYXClearBridge Mid Cap FundIMid-Cap Core
LSIRXClearBridge Mid Cap FundISMid-Cap Core
LMREXClearBridge Mid Cap FundRMid-Cap Core
LBGAXClearBridge Mid Cap Growth FundAMid-Cap Growth
LCBGXClearBridge Mid Cap Growth FundA2Mid-Cap Growth
LBGCXClearBridge Mid Cap Growth FundCMid-Cap Growth
LBGIXClearBridge Mid Cap Growth FundIMid-Cap Growth
LCMIXClearBridge Mid Cap Growth FundISMid-Cap Growth
LCMRXClearBridge Mid Cap Growth FundRMid-Cap Growth
CREOXClearBridge Real Estate Opportunities FundOReal Estate
LCLAXClearBridge Select FundAMid-Cap Core
LCLCXClearBridge Select FundCMid-Cap Core
LCBSXClearBridge Select FundFIMid-Cap Core
LBFIXClearBridge Select FundIMid-Cap Core
LCSSXClearBridge Select FundISMid-Cap Core
LMSAXClearBridge Small Cap FundASmall-Cap Core
LBRTXClearBridge Small Cap FundA2Small-Cap Core
LMASXClearBridge Small Cap FundCSmall-Cap Core
LGASXClearBridge Small Cap FundFISmall-Cap Core
LMNSXClearBridge Small Cap FundISmall-Cap Core
LMARXClearBridge Small Cap FundRSmall-Cap Core
LMPMXClearBridge Small Cap Growth Fund1Small-Cap Growth
SASMXClearBridge Small Cap Growth FundASmall-Cap Growth
SCSMXClearBridge Small Cap Growth FundCSmall-Cap Growth
LMPSXClearBridge Small Cap Growth FundFISmall-Cap Growth
SBPYXClearBridge Small Cap Growth FundISmall-Cap Growth
LMOIXClearBridge Small Cap Growth FundISSmall-Cap Growth
LMPOXClearBridge Small Cap Growth FundRSmall-Cap Growth
SBVAXClearBridge Small Cap Value FundASmall-Cap Value
SBVLXClearBridge Small Cap Value FundCSmall-Cap Value
SMCYXClearBridge Small Cap Value FundISmall-Cap Value
LCBIXClearBridge Small Cap Value FundISSmall-Cap Value
CLSUXClearBridge Sustainability Leaders FundAMulti-Cap Core
LCSTXClearBridge Sustainability Leaders FundFIMulti-Cap Core
LCISXClearBridge Sustainability Leaders FundIMulti-Cap Core
LCILXClearBridge Sustainability Leaders FundISMulti-Cap Core
CFLGXClearBridge Tactical Dividend Income FundAEquity Income
LBDAXClearBridge Tactical Dividend Income FundA2Equity Income
SMDLXClearBridge Tactical Dividend Income FundCEquity Income
LADIXClearBridge Tactical Dividend Income FundIEquity Income
LCBDXClearBridge Tactical Dividend Income FundISEquity Income
LGVAXClearBridge Value TrustALarge-Cap Core
LMVTXClearBridge Value TrustCLarge-Cap Core
LMVFXClearBridge Value TrustFILarge-Cap Core
LMNVXClearBridge Value TrustILarge-Cap Core
LMVRXClearBridge Value TrustRLarge-Cap Core
LPTAXEnTrustPermal Alternative Core FundAAlternative Multi-Strategy
LPTCXEnTrustPermal Alternative Core FundCAlternative Multi-Strategy
LPTFXEnTrustPermal Alternative Core FundFIAlternative Multi-Strategy
LPTIXEnTrustPermal Alternative Core FundIAlternative Multi-Strategy
LPTSXEnTrustPermal Alternative Core FundISAlternative Multi-Strategy
PASEXEnTrustPermal Alternative Select FundAAlternative Multi-Strategy
PASLXEnTrustPermal Alternative Select FundCAlternative Multi-Strategy
PASFXEnTrustPermal Alternative Select FundFIAlternative Multi-Strategy
PASWXEnTrustPermal Alternative Select FundIAlternative Multi-Strategy
PASQXEnTrustPermal Alternative Select FundISAlternative Multi-Strategy
LROAXLegg Mason BW Absolute Return Opportunities FundAAlternative Global MACRO
LAOCXLegg Mason BW Absolute Return Opportunities FundCAlternative Global MACRO
LROCXLegg Mason BW Absolute Return Opportunities FundC1Alternative Global MACRO
LBAFXLegg Mason BW Absolute Return Opportunities FundFIAlternative Global MACRO
LROIXLegg Mason BW Absolute Return Opportunities FundIAlternative Global MACRO
LROSXLegg Mason BW Absolute Return Opportunities FundISAlternative Global MACRO
LBARXLegg Mason BW Absolute Return Opportunities FundRAlternative Global MACRO
LMAPXLegg Mason BW Alternative Credit FundAAlternative Credit Focus
LMAQXLegg Mason BW Alternative Credit FundCAlternative Credit Focus
LMAOXLegg Mason BW Alternative Credit FundFIAlternative Credit Focus
LMANXLegg Mason BW Alternative Credit FundIAlternative Credit Focus
LMAMXLegg Mason BW Alternative Credit FundISAlternative Credit Focus
LBWAXLegg Mason BW Diversified Large Cap Value FundALarge-Cap Value
LLVAXLegg Mason BW Diversified Large Cap Value FundA2Large-Cap Value
LBWCXLegg Mason BW Diversified Large Cap Value FundCLarge-Cap Value
LBWIXLegg Mason BW Diversified Large Cap Value FundILarge-Cap Value
LBISXLegg Mason BW Diversified Large Cap Value FundISLarge-Cap Value
LBDRXLegg Mason BW Diversified Large Cap Value FundRLarge-Cap Value
LMBJXLegg Mason BW Dynamic Large Cap Value FundALarge-Cap Value
LMBBXLegg Mason BW Dynamic Large Cap Value FundCLarge-Cap Value
LMBEXLegg Mason BW Dynamic Large Cap Value FundILarge-Cap Value
LMBGXLegg Mason BW Dynamic Large Cap Value FundISLarge-Cap Value
LMBHXLegg Mason BW Dynamic Large Cap Value FundRLarge-Cap Value
LFLAXLegg Mason BW Global Flexible Income FundAMulti-Sector Income
LFLIXLegg Mason BW Global Flexible Income FundIMulti-Sector Income
LFLSXLegg Mason BW Global Flexible Income FundISMulti-Sector Income
LBHAXLegg Mason BW Global High Yield FundAHigh Yield
LBHCXLegg Mason BW Global High Yield FundCHigh Yield
LBHFXLegg Mason BW Global High Yield FundFIHigh Yield
LMYIXLegg Mason BW Global High Yield FundIHigh Yield
LMZIXLegg Mason BW Global High Yield FundISHigh Yield
GOBAXLegg Mason BW Global Opportunities Bond FundAGlobal Income
LOBAXLegg Mason BW Global Opportunities Bond FundA2Global Income
LGOCXLegg Mason BW Global Opportunities Bond FundCGlobal Income
GOBCXLegg Mason BW Global Opportunities Bond FundC1Global Income
GOBFXLegg Mason BW Global Opportunities Bond FundFIGlobal Income
GOBIXLegg Mason BW Global Opportunities Bond FundIGlobal Income
GOBSXLegg Mason BW Global Opportunities Bond FundISGlobal Income
LBORXLegg Mason BW Global Opportunities Bond FundRGlobal Income
LWOAXLegg Mason BW International Opportunities Bond FundAInternational Income
LIOCXLegg Mason BW International Opportunities Bond FundCInternational Income
LWOFXLegg Mason BW International Opportunities Bond FundFIInternational Income
LWOIXLegg Mason BW International Opportunities Bond FundIInternational Income
LMOTXLegg Mason BW International Opportunities Bond FundISInternational Income
LWORXLegg Mason BW International Opportunities Bond FundRInternational Income
EDBILegg Mason Emerging Markets Diversified Core ETFEmerging Markets
LVHDLegg Mason Low Volatility High Dividend ETFMulti-Cap Value
LGOAXLegg Mason Opportunity TrustAMulti-Cap Core
LMOPXLegg Mason Opportunity TrustCMulti-Cap Core
LMOFXLegg Mason Opportunity TrustFIMulti-Cap Core
LMNOXLegg Mason Opportunity TrustIMulti-Cap Core
LMORXLegg Mason Opportunity TrustRMulti-Cap Core
UDBILegg Mason US Diversified Core ETFMulti-Cap Core
MEFIXMartin Currie Emerging Markets FundFIEmerging Markets
MCEIXMartin Currie Emerging Markets FundIEmerging Markets
MCEMXMartin Currie Emerging Markets FundISEmerging Markets
LMCJXMiller Income Opportunity TrustAFlexible Portfolio
LCMNXMiller Income Opportunity TrustCFlexible Portfolio
LMCKXMiller Income Opportunity TrustFIFlexible Portfolio
LMCLXMiller Income Opportunity TrustIFlexible Portfolio
LMCMXMiller Income Opportunity TrustISFlexible Portfolio
SBBAXQS Conservative Growth FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
SCBCXQS Conservative Growth FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
LMEIXQS Conservative Growth FundIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
LLARXQS Conservative Growth FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
SBCPXQS Defensive Growth FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
LWLAXQS Defensive Growth FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
SBCLXQS Defensive Growth FundC1Mixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
LMGIXQS Defensive Growth FundIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
LMLRXQS Defensive Growth FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
LDFAXQS Dynamic Multi-Strategy FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
LDYCXQS Dynamic Multi-Strategy FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
LDIIXQS Dynamic Multi-Strategy FundIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
LGDAXQS Global Dividend FundAGlobal Equity Income
LMQSXQS Global Dividend FundA2Global Equity Income
LGDCXQS Global Dividend FundCGlobal Equity Income
LDIGXQS Global Dividend FundFIGlobal Equity Income
LTTMXQS Global Dividend FundIGlobal Equity Income
LDIFXQS Global Dividend FundISGlobal Equity Income
LNFIXQS Global Market Neutral FundAAlternative Equity Market-Neutral
LQNIXQS Global Market Neutral FundIAlternative Equity Market-Neutral
LQISXQS Global Market Neutral FundISAlternative Equity Market-Neutral
SCHAXQS Growth FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth
SCHCXQS Growth FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth
LANIXQS Growth FundIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth
LLLRXQS Growth FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth
LDIVXQS International Dividend FundISInternational Equity Income
SCGRXQS Moderate Growth FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
SCGCXQS Moderate Growth FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
LLAIXQS Moderate Growth FundIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
LLMRXQS Moderate Growth FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
SBSPXQS S&P 500 Index FundAS&P 500 Index
SBSDXQS S&P 500 Index FundDS&P 500 Index
LRRAXQS Strategic Real Return FundAFlexible Portfolio
LSRAXQS Strategic Real Return FundA2Flexible Portfolio
LRRCXQS Strategic Real Return FundCFlexible Portfolio
LRRIXQS Strategic Real Return FundIFlexible Portfolio
LRRSXQS Strategic Real Return FundISFlexible Portfolio
LMUSXQS US Large Cap Equity FundFILarge-Cap Core
LMTIXQS US Large Cap Equity FundILarge-Cap Core
LMISXQS US Large Cap Equity FundISLarge-Cap Core
LMBAXQS US Small Capitalization Equity FundASmall-Cap Core
LUSAXQS US Small Capitalization Equity FundA2Small-Cap Core
LMBCXQS US Small Capitalization Equity FundCSmall-Cap Core
LGSCXQS US Small Capitalization Equity FundFISmall-Cap Core
LMSIXQS US Small Capitalization Equity FundISmall-Cap Core
LMBMXQS US Small Capitalization Equity FundISSmall-Cap Core
RGAVXRARE Global Infrastructure Value FundAGlobal Infrastructure
RGIVXRARE Global Infrastructure Value FundIGlobal Infrastructure
RGSVXRARE Global Infrastructure Value FundISGlobal Infrastructure
ARMZXWestern Asset Adjustable Rate Income FundAShort-Investment-Grade Debt
LWAIXWestern Asset Adjustable Rate Income FundCShort-Investment-Grade Debt
ARMGXWestern Asset Adjustable Rate Income FundC1Short-Investment-Grade Debt
SBAYXWestern Asset Adjustable Rate Income FundIShort-Investment-Grade Debt
ARMLXWestern Asset Adjustable Rate Income FundISShort-Investment-Grade Debt
SHRCXWestern Asset California Municipals FundACalifornia Municipal Debt
SCACXWestern Asset California Municipals FundCCalifornia Municipal Debt
LMCUXWestern Asset California Municipals FundICalifornia Municipal Debt
LOAXXWestern Asset California Tax Free Money Market FundACalifornia Tax-Exempt Money Market
CFAXXWestern Asset California Tax Free Money Market FundNCalifornia Tax-Exempt Money Market
WABAXWestern Asset Core Bond FundACore Bond
WABCXWestern Asset Core Bond FundCCore Bond
LWACXWestern Asset Core Bond FundC1Core Bond
WAPIXWestern Asset Core Bond FundFICore Bond
WATFXWestern Asset Core Bond FundICore Bond
WACSXWestern Asset Core Bond FundISCore Bond
WABRXWestern Asset Core Bond FundRCore Bond
WAPAXWestern Asset Core Plus Bond FundACore Plus Bond
WAPCXWestern Asset Core Plus Bond FundCCore Plus Bond
LWCPXWestern Asset Core Plus Bond FundC1Core Plus Bond
WACIXWestern Asset Core Plus Bond FundFICore Plus Bond
WACPXWestern Asset Core Plus Bond FundICore Plus Bond
WAPSXWestern Asset Core Plus Bond FundISCore Plus Bond
WAPRXWestern Asset Core Plus Bond FundRCore Plus Bond
SIGAXWestern Asset Corporate Bond FundACorporate Debt BBB-Rated
LWBOXWestern Asset Corporate Bond FundCCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
SBILXWestern Asset Corporate Bond FundC1Corporate Debt BBB-Rated
SIGYXWestern Asset Corporate Bond FundICorporate Debt BBB-Rated
LCBPXWestern Asset Corporate Bond FundPCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
LWEAXWestern Asset Emerging Markets Debt FundAEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
WEMDXWestern Asset Emerging Markets Debt FundA2Emerging Market Hard Currency Debt
WAEOXWestern Asset Emerging Markets Debt FundCEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
LWECXWestern Asset Emerging Markets Debt FundC1Emerging Market Hard Currency Debt
LMWDXWestern Asset Emerging Markets Debt FundFIEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
SEMDXWestern Asset Emerging Markets Debt FundIEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
LWISXWestern Asset Emerging Markets Debt FundISEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
SAHYXWestern Asset Global High Yield Bond FundAHigh Yield
LWGOXWestern Asset Global High Yield Bond FundCHigh Yield
SHYCXWestern Asset Global High Yield Bond FundC1High Yield
SHYOXWestern Asset Global High Yield Bond FundIHigh Yield
LWGSXWestern Asset Global High Yield Bond FundISHigh Yield
SDSAXWestern Asset Global Strategic Income FundAGlobal Income
LWSIXWestern Asset Global Strategic Income FundCGlobal Income
SDSIXWestern Asset Global Strategic Income FundC1Global Income
SDSYXWestern Asset Global Strategic Income FundIGlobal Income
WAGIXWestern Asset Global Strategic Income FundISGlobal Income
SMGXXWestern Asset Government Reserves FundAU.S. Government Money Market
SMTXXWestern Asset Government Reserves FundA2U.S. Government Money Market
WAYAXWestern Asset High Yield FundAHigh Yield
WHAYXWestern Asset High Yield FundA2High Yield
WAYCXWestern Asset High Yield FundCHigh Yield
WAHYXWestern Asset High Yield FundIHigh Yield
WAHSXWestern Asset High Yield FundISHigh Yield
WAYRXWestern Asset High Yield FundRHigh Yield
WAFAXWestern Asset Inflation Indexed Plus Bond FundAInflation-Protected Bond
WAFCXWestern Asset Inflation Indexed Plus Bond FundCInflation-Protected Bond
LWICXWestern Asset Inflation Indexed Plus Bond FundC1Inflation-Protected Bond
WATPXWestern Asset Inflation Indexed Plus Bond FundFIInflation-Protected Bond
WAIIXWestern Asset Inflation Indexed Plus Bond FundIInflation-Protected Bond
WAFSXWestern Asset Inflation Indexed Plus Bond FundISInflation-Protected Bond
WAFRXWestern Asset Inflation Indexed Plus Bond FundRInflation-Protected Bond
CFRXXWestern Asset Institutional Cash ReservesLInstitutional Money Market
CFSXXWestern Asset Institutional Cash ReservesSInstitutional Money Market
CARXXWestern Asset Institutional Cash ReservesInstitutionalInstitutional Money Market
LCRXXWestern Asset Institutional Cash ReservesInvestorInstitutional Money Market
SVLXXWestern Asset Institutional Cash ReservesSVB Sec HorizonInstitutional Money Market
INGXXWestern Asset Institutional Government ReservesInstitutionalInstitutional U.S. Government Money Market
CILXXWestern Asset Institutional Liquid ReservesInstitutionalInstitutional Money Market
LLRXXWestern Asset Institutional Liquid ReservesInvestorInstitutional Money Market
SVIXXWestern Asset Institutional Liquid ReservesSVB Inst Liq RsvInstitutional Money Market
SVSXXWestern Asset Institutional Liquid ReservesSVB Liq RsvInstitutional Money Market
CIFXXWestern Asset Institutional Tax Free ReservesInstitutionalInstitutional Tax-Exempt Money Market
LTFXXWestern Asset Institutional Tax Free ReservesInvestorInstitutional Tax-Exempt Money Market
LAOXXWestern Asset Institutional US Treasury Obligations Money MktAdminInstitutional U.S. Treasury Money Market
LUIXXWestern Asset Institutional US Treasury Obligations Money MktInstInstitutional U.S. Treasury Money Market
LAIXXWestern Asset Institutional US Treasury Obligations Money MktInvInstitutional U.S. Treasury Money Market
CIIXXWestern Asset Institutional US Treasury ReservesInstitutionalInstitutional U.S. Treasury Money Market
LTRXXWestern Asset Institutional US Treasury ReservesInvestorInstitutional U.S. Treasury Money Market
WATAXWestern Asset Intermediate Bond FundAShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
WATCXWestern Asset Intermediate Bond FundCShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
WATIXWestern Asset Intermediate Bond FundIShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
WABSXWestern Asset Intermediate Bond FundISShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
WATRXWestern Asset Intermediate Bond FundRShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
ITCAXWestern Asset Intermediate Maturity California Municipals FundACalifornia Intermediate Municipal Debt
SIMLXWestern Asset Intermediate Maturity California Municipals FundCCalifornia Intermediate Municipal Debt
SICYXWestern Asset Intermediate Maturity California Municipals FundICalifornia Intermediate Municipal Debt
IMNYXWestern Asset Intermediate Maturity New York Municipals FundANew York Intermediate Municipal Debt
SINLXWestern Asset Intermediate Maturity New York Municipals FundCNew York Intermediate Municipal Debt
LMIIXWestern Asset Intermediate Maturity New York Municipals FundINew York Intermediate Municipal Debt
SBLTXWestern Asset Intermediate-Term Municipals FundAIntermediate Municipal Debt
SMLLXWestern Asset Intermediate-Term Municipals FundCIntermediate Municipal Debt
SBTYXWestern Asset Intermediate-Term Municipals FundIIntermediate Municipal Debt
LLAXXWestern Asset Liquid ReservesAMoney Market Instrument
LWCXXWestern Asset Liquid ReservesCMoney Market Instrument
CIRXXWestern Asset Liquid ReservesNMoney Market Instrument
LAAAXWestern Asset Macro Opportunities FundAAlternative Credit Focus
LAACXWestern Asset Macro Opportunities FundCAlternative Credit Focus
LAFIXWestern Asset Macro Opportunities FundFIAlternative Credit Focus
LAOIXWestern Asset Macro Opportunities FundIAlternative Credit Focus
LAOSXWestern Asset Macro Opportunities FundISAlternative Credit Focus
SMMOXWestern Asset Managed Municipals Fund1General and Insured Municipal Debt
SHMMXWestern Asset Managed Municipals FundAGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
SMMCXWestern Asset Managed Municipals FundCGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
SMMYXWestern Asset Managed Municipals FundIGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
SLMMXWestern Asset Massachusetts Municipals FundAMassachusetts Municipal Debt
SMALXWestern Asset Massachusetts Municipals FundCMassachusetts Municipal Debt
LHMIXWestern Asset Massachusetts Municipals FundIMassachusetts Municipal Debt
SGVSXWestern Asset Mortgage Backed Securities Fund1U.S. Mortgage
SGVAXWestern Asset Mortgage Backed Securities FundAU.S. Mortgage
LWMSXWestern Asset Mortgage Backed Securities FundCU.S. Mortgage
SGSLXWestern Asset Mortgage Backed Securities FundC1U.S. Mortgage
SGSYXWestern Asset Mortgage Backed Securities FundIU.S. Mortgage
LMBSXWestern Asset Mortgage Backed Securities FundISU.S. Mortgage
STXAXWestern Asset Municipal High Income FundAHigh Yield Municipal Debt
SMHLXWestern Asset Municipal High Income FundCHigh Yield Municipal Debt
LMHIXWestern Asset Municipal High Income FundIHigh Yield Municipal Debt
SHNJXWestern Asset New Jersey Municipals FundANew Jersey Municipal Debt
SNJLXWestern Asset New Jersey Municipals FundCNew Jersey Municipal Debt
LNJIXWestern Asset New Jersey Municipals FundINew Jersey Municipal Debt
SBNYXWestern Asset New York Municipals FundANew York State Municipal Debt
SBYLXWestern Asset New York Municipals FundCNew York State Municipal Debt
SNPYXWestern Asset New York Municipals FundINew York State Municipal Debt
LNAXXWestern Asset New York Tax Free Money Market FundANew York Tax-Exempt Money Market
CIYXXWestern Asset New York Tax Free Money Market FundNNew York Tax-Exempt Money Market
SHORXWestern Asset Oregon Municipals FundAOther State Municipal Debt
SORLXWestern Asset Oregon Municipals FundCOther State Municipal Debt
LMOOXWestern Asset Oregon Municipals FundIOther State Municipal Debt
SBPAXWestern Asset Pennsylvania Municipals FundAPennsylvania Municipal Debt
SPALXWestern Asset Pennsylvania Municipals FundCPennsylvania Municipal Debt
LPPIXWestern Asset Pennsylvania Municipals FundIPennsylvania Municipal Debt
CIPXXWestern Asset Premium Liquid ReservesMoney Market Instrument
CIMXXWestern Asset Premium US Treasury ReservesU.S. Treasury Money Market
SHIAXWestern Asset Short Duration High Income FundAHigh Yield
LWHIXWestern Asset Short Duration High Income FundCHigh Yield
SHICXWestern Asset Short Duration High Income FundC1High Yield
SHIYXWestern Asset Short Duration High Income FundIHigh Yield
LWSRXWestern Asset Short Duration High Income FundRHigh Yield
SHDAXWestern Asset Short Duration Municipal Income FundAShort Municipal Debt
SHDQXWestern Asset Short Duration Municipal Income FundA2Short Municipal Debt
SHDLXWestern Asset Short Duration Municipal Income FundCShort Municipal Debt
SMDYXWestern Asset Short Duration Municipal Income FundIShort Municipal Debt
LGSTXWestern Asset Short Term Yield FundISShort-Investment-Grade Debt
SBSTXWestern Asset Short-Term Bond FundAShort-Investment-Grade Debt
LWSOXWestern Asset Short-Term Bond FundCShort-Investment-Grade Debt
SSTLXWestern Asset Short-Term Bond FundC1Short-Investment-Grade Debt
SBSYXWestern Asset Short-Term Bond FundIShort-Investment-Grade Debt
LWSTXWestern Asset Short-Term Bond FundISShort-Investment-Grade Debt
LWARXWestern Asset Short-Term Bond FundRShort-Investment-Grade Debt
LWAXXWestern Asset Tax Free ReservesATax-Exempt Money Market
LTCXXWestern Asset Tax Free ReservesCTax-Exempt Money Market
CIXXXWestern Asset Tax Free ReservesNTax-Exempt Money Market
WAUAXWestern Asset Total Return Unconstrained FundAAlternative Credit Focus
WRTUXWestern Asset Total Return Unconstrained FundA2Alternative Credit Focus
WAUCXWestern Asset Total Return Unconstrained FundCAlternative Credit Focus
WARIXWestern Asset Total Return Unconstrained FundFIAlternative Credit Focus
WAARXWestern Asset Total Return Unconstrained FundIAlternative Credit Focus
WAASXWestern Asset Total Return Unconstrained FundISAlternative Credit Focus
WAURXWestern Asset Total Return Unconstrained FundRAlternative Credit Focus
CISXXWestern Asset US Treasury ReservesNU.S. Treasury Money Market
LTSXXWestern Asset US Treasury ReservesServiceU.S. Treasury Money Market
LWAUXWestern Asset Ultra Short Obligations FundISUltra Short Obligation

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