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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
EXCIXCore Bond SeriesICore Plus Bond
EXCRXCore Bond SeriesSCore Plus Bond
MNDFXDisciplined Value SeriesILarge-Cap Core
MDFSXDisciplined Value SeriesSLarge-Cap Core
EXDVXDiversified Tax Exempt SeriesGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
MDOIXDynamic Opportunities SeriesIMid-Cap Growth
MDOSXDynamic Opportunities SeriesSMid-Cap Growth
MNIEXEmerging Markets SeriesIEmerging Markets
MNEMXEmerging Markets SeriesSEmerging Markets
MNEIXEquity Income SeriesIEquity Income
MNESXEquity Income SeriesSEquity Income
EXEYXEquity SeriesMulti-Cap Growth
MNGIXGlobal Fixed Income SeriesIGeneral Bond
MNGSXGlobal Fixed Income SeriesSGeneral Bond
MNHAXHigh Yield Bond SeriesIHigh Yield
MNHYXHigh Yield Bond SeriesSHigh Yield
MNCCXPro-Blend Conservative Term SeriesCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
MNCIXPro-Blend Conservative Term SeriesIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
MNCRXPro-Blend Conservative Term SeriesRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
EXDAXPro-Blend Conservative Term SeriesSMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
MNECXPro-Blend Extended Term SeriesCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
MNBIXPro-Blend Extended Term SeriesIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
MNBRXPro-Blend Extended Term SeriesRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
MNBAXPro-Blend Extended Term SeriesSMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
MNHCXPro-Blend Maximum Term SeriesCMulti-Cap Core
MNHIXPro-Blend Maximum Term SeriesIMulti-Cap Core
MNHRXPro-Blend Maximum Term SeriesRMulti-Cap Core
EXHAXPro-Blend Maximum Term SeriesSMulti-Cap Core
MNMCXPro-Blend Moderate Term SeriesCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
MNMIXPro-Blend Moderate Term SeriesIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
MNMRXPro-Blend Moderate Term SeriesRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
EXBAXPro-Blend Moderate Term SeriesSMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
MNQIXQuality Equity SeriesILarge-Cap Growth
MNQSXQuality Equity SeriesSLarge-Cap Growth
MNRIXReal Estate SeriesIReal Estate
MNREXReal Estate SeriesSReal Estate
MSCIXStrategic Income Conservative SeriesIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
MSCBXStrategic Income Conservative SeriesSMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
MSMAXStrategic Income Moderate SeriesIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
MSMSXStrategic Income Moderate SeriesSMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
MTJIXTarget 2015 SeriesIMixed-Asset Target 2015
MTJKXTarget 2015 SeriesKMixed-Asset Target 2015
MTJRXTarget 2015 SeriesRMixed-Asset Target 2015
MTNIXTarget 2020 SeriesIMixed-Asset Target 2020
MTNKXTarget 2020 SeriesKMixed-Asset Target 2020
MTNRXTarget 2020 SeriesRMixed-Asset Target 2020
MTOAXTarget 2025 SeriesIMixed-Asset Target 2025
MTOKXTarget 2025 SeriesKMixed-Asset Target 2025
MTORXTarget 2025 SeriesRMixed-Asset Target 2025
MTPIXTarget 2030 SeriesIMixed-Asset Target 2030
MTPKXTarget 2030 SeriesKMixed-Asset Target 2030
MTPRXTarget 2030 SeriesRMixed-Asset Target 2030
MTQIXTarget 2035 SeriesIMixed-Asset Target 2035
MTQKXTarget 2035 SeriesKMixed-Asset Target 2035
MTQRXTarget 2035 SeriesRMixed-Asset Target 2035
MTTIXTarget 2040 SeriesIMixed-Asset Target 2040
MTTKXTarget 2040 SeriesKMixed-Asset Target 2040
MTTRXTarget 2040 SeriesRMixed-Asset Target 2040
MTUIXTarget 2045 SeriesIMixed-Asset Target 2045
MTUKXTarget 2045 SeriesKMixed-Asset Target 2045
MTURXTarget 2045 SeriesRMixed-Asset Target 2045
MTYIXTarget 2050 SeriesIMixed-Asset Target 2050
MTYKXTarget 2050 SeriesKMixed-Asset Target 2050
MTYRXTarget 2050 SeriesRMixed-Asset Target 2050
MTZIXTarget 2055 SeriesIMixed-Asset Target 2055+
MTZKXTarget 2055 SeriesKMixed-Asset Target 2055+
MTZRXTarget 2055 SeriesRMixed-Asset Target 2055+
MTKIXTarget 2060 SeriesIMixed-Asset Target 2055+
MTKKXTarget 2060 SeriesKMixed-Asset Target 2055+
MTKRXTarget 2060 SeriesRMixed-Asset Target 2055+
MTDIXTarget Income SeriesIMixed-Asset Target Today
MTDKXTarget Income SeriesKMixed-Asset Target Today
MTDRXTarget Income SeriesRMixed-Asset Target Today
EXTAXTax Managed SeriesAMulti-Cap Growth
MNCPXUnconstrained Bond SeriesICore Plus Bond
EXCPXUnconstrained Bond SeriesSCore Plus Bond

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