Millington Securities Inc

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
WBIHWBI Tactical High Income SharesFlexible Portfolio
WBIIWBI Tactical Income SharesFlexible Portfolio
WBIEWBI Tactical LCG SharesMulti-Cap Growth
WBILWBI Tactical LCS SharesMulti-Cap Core
WBIFWBI Tactical LCV SharesMulti-Cap Core
WBIGWBI Tactical LCY SharesGlobal Equity Income
WBIRWBI Tactical Rotation SharesFlexible Portfolio
WBIAWBI Tactical SMG SharesMid-Cap Core
WBIDWBI Tactical SMS SharesMid-Cap Core
WBIBWBI Tactical SMV SharesMid-Cap Core
WBICWBI Tactical SMY SharesGlobal Equity Income

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