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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
DAAFXASG Dynamic Allocation FundAFlexible Portfolio
DACFXASG Dynamic Allocation FundCFlexible Portfolio
DAYFXASG Dynamic Allocation FundYFlexible Portfolio
GAFAXASG Global Alternatives FundAAlternative Multi-Strategy
GAFCXASG Global Alternatives FundCAlternative Multi-Strategy
GAFNXASG Global Alternatives FundNAlternative Multi-Strategy
GAFYXASG Global Alternatives FundYAlternative Multi-Strategy
GMFAXASG Global Macro FundAAlternative Global MACRO
GMFCXASG Global Macro FundCAlternative Global MACRO
GMFYXASG Global Macro FundYAlternative Global MACRO
AMFAXASG Managed Futures Strategy FundAAlternative Managed Futures
ASFCXASG Managed Futures Strategy FundCAlternative Managed Futures
ASFYXASG Managed Futures Strategy FundYAlternative Managed Futures
USMAXASG Tactical US Market FundAAlternative Long/Short Equity
USMCXASG Tactical US Market FundCAlternative Long/Short Equity
USMYXASG Tactical US Market FundYAlternative Long/Short Equity
IIDPXLoomis Sayles Multi-Asset Income FundAFlexible Portfolio
CIDPXLoomis Sayles Multi-Asset Income FundCFlexible Portfolio
LMINXLoomis Sayles Multi-Asset Income FundNFlexible Portfolio
YIDPXLoomis Sayles Multi-Asset Income FundYFlexible Portfolio
MIMAXMcDonnell Intermediate Municipal Bond FundAIntermediate Municipal Debt
MIMCXMcDonnell Intermediate Municipal Bond FundCIntermediate Municipal Debt
MIMYXMcDonnell Intermediate Municipal Bond FundYIntermediate Municipal Debt
NEFOXNatixis Oakmark FundALarge-Cap Core
NECOXNatixis Oakmark FundCLarge-Cap Core
NEOYXNatixis Oakmark FundYLarge-Cap Core
NEFSXNatixis US Equity Opportunities FundAMulti-Cap Growth
NECCXNatixis US Equity Opportunities FundCMulti-Cap Growth
NESYXNatixis US Equity Opportunities FundYMulti-Cap Growth
SAFAXSeeyond Multi-Asset Allocation FundAAlternative Global MACRO
SAFCXSeeyond Multi-Asset Allocation FundCAlternative Global MACRO
SAFYXSeeyond Multi-Asset Allocation FundYAlternative Global MACRO
VNSAXVaughan Nelson Select FundALarge-Cap Value
VNSCXVaughan Nelson Select FundCLarge-Cap Value
VNSYXVaughan Nelson Select FundYLarge-Cap Value
NEFJXVaughan Nelson Small Cap Value FundASmall-Cap Core
NEJCXVaughan Nelson Small Cap Value FundCSmall-Cap Core
NEJYXVaughan Nelson Small Cap Value FundYSmall-Cap Core
VNVAXVaughan Nelson Value Opportunity FundAMid-Cap Core
VNVCXVaughan Nelson Value Opportunity FundCMid-Cap Core
VNVNXVaughan Nelson Value Opportunity FundNMid-Cap Core
VNVYXVaughan Nelson Value Opportunity FundYMid-Cap Core

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