OFI SteelPath Inc

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
MLPAXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha FundAEnergy MLP
MLPGXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha FundCEnergy MLP
OSPAXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha FundIEnergy MLP
MLPOXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha FundYEnergy MLP
MLPLXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha Plus FundAEnergy MLP
MLPMXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha Plus FundCEnergy MLP
OSPPXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha Plus FundIEnergy MLP
MLPNXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha Plus FundYEnergy MLP
MLPDXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Income FundAEnergy MLP
MLPRXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Income FundCEnergy MLP
OSPMXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Income FundIEnergy MLP
MLPZXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Income FundYEnergy MLP
MLPFXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Select 40 FundAEnergy MLP
MLPEXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Select 40 FundCEnergy MLP
OSPSXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Select 40 FundIEnergy MLP
MLPYXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Select 40 FundWEnergy MLP
MLPTXOppenheimer SteelPath MLP Select 40 FundYEnergy MLP

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