PNC Funds

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
PBAAXPNC Balanced Allocation FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
PBCCXPNC Balanced Allocation FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
PBLIXPNC Balanced Allocation FundIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
PBTTXPNC Balanced Allocation FundTMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
PAAAXPNC Bond FundACore Bond
PFDCXPNC Bond FundCCore Bond
PFDIXPNC Bond FundICore Bond
PAGXXPNC Government Money Market FundAdvisorU.S. Government Money Market
PGAXXPNC Government Money Market FundAU.S. Government Money Market
PKIXXPNC Government Money Market FundIInstitutional U.S. Government Money Market
POMAXPNC Government Mortgage FundAU.S. Mortgage
PGTCXPNC Government Mortgage FundCU.S. Mortgage
PTGIXPNC Government Mortgage FundIU.S. Mortgage
PAHBXPNC High Yield Bond FundAHigh Yield
PIHBXPNC High Yield Bond FundIHigh Yield
PAYXXPNC Institutional Treasury Money Market FundAdvisorInstitutional U.S. Treasury Money Market
PAIXXPNC Institutional Treasury Money Market FundInstitutionalInstitutional U.S. Treasury Money Market
PAEXXPNC Institutional Treasury Money Market FundServiceInstitutional U.S. Treasury Money Market
PBFAXPNC Intermediate Bond FundAShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PIBCXPNC Intermediate Bond FundCShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PIKIXPNC Intermediate Bond FundIShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PTBIXPNC Intermediate Tax Exempt Bond FundAIntermediate Municipal Debt
PITCXPNC Intermediate Tax Exempt Bond FundCIntermediate Municipal Debt
PTIIXPNC Intermediate Tax Exempt Bond FundIIntermediate Municipal Debt
PLEAXPNC Large Cap Core FundALarge-Cap Core
PLECXPNC Large Cap Core FundCLarge-Cap Core
PLEIXPNC Large Cap Core FundILarge-Cap Core
PEWAXPNC Large Cap Growth FundAMulti-Cap Growth
PEWCXPNC Large Cap Growth FundCMulti-Cap Growth
PEWIXPNC Large Cap Growth FundIMulti-Cap Growth
PLVAXPNC Large Cap Value FundALarge-Cap Value
PALVXPNC Large Cap Value FundCLarge-Cap Value
PLIVXPNC Large Cap Value FundILarge-Cap Value
PLFAXPNC Limited Maturity Bond FundAShort-Investment-Grade Debt
PFLCXPNC Limited Maturity Bond FundCShort-Investment-Grade Debt
PMYIXPNC Limited Maturity Bond FundIShort-Investment-Grade Debt
PDATXPNC Maryland Tax Exempt Bond FundAMaryland Municipal Debt
PDACXPNC Maryland Tax Exempt Bond FundCMaryland Municipal Debt
PDITXPNC Maryland Tax Exempt Bond FundIMaryland Municipal Debt
PMCAXPNC Mid Cap FundAMid-Cap Growth
PMFCXPNC Mid Cap FundCMid-Cap Growth
PMVIXPNC Mid Cap FundIMid-Cap Growth
PMCIXPNC Mid Cap Index FundIMid-Cap Core
PMCEXPNC Mid Cap Index FundR4Mid-Cap Core
PLOAXPNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Core FundASmall-Cap Core
PLOIXPNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Core FundISmall-Cap Core
PLWAXPNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Growth FundASmall-Cap Growth
PLWCXPNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Growth FundCSmall-Cap Growth
PLTIXPNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Growth FundISmall-Cap Growth
PMRRXPNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Value FundASmall-Cap Core
PSVCXPNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Value FundCSmall-Cap Core
PMUIXPNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Value FundISmall-Cap Core
POXAXPNC Ohio Intermediate Tax Exempt Bond FundAOther States Intermediate Municipal Debt
POXCXPNC Ohio Intermediate Tax Exempt Bond FundCOther States Intermediate Municipal Debt
POXIXPNC Ohio Intermediate Tax Exempt Bond FundIOther States Intermediate Municipal Debt
PDTAXPNC Retirement Income FundIMixed-Asset Target Today
PDTKXPNC Retirement Income FundTMixed-Asset Target Today
PIIAXPNC S&P 500 Index FundAS&P 500 Index
PPICXPNC S&P 500 Index FundCS&P 500 Index
PSXIXPNC S&P 500 Index FundIS&P 500 Index
PSPEXPNC S&P 500 Index FundR4S&P 500 Index
PSFFXPNC S&P 500 Index FundR5S&P 500 Index
PPCAXPNC Small Cap FundASmall-Cap Growth
PPCCXPNC Small Cap FundCSmall-Cap Growth
PPCIXPNC Small Cap FundISmall-Cap Growth
PISCXPNC Small Cap Index FundISmall-Cap Core
PESCXPNC Small Cap Index FundR4Small-Cap Core
PDTCXPNC Target 2020 FundIMixed-Asset Target 2020
PDTLXPNC Target 2020 FundTMixed-Asset Target 2020
PDTEXPNC Target 2030 FundIMixed-Asset Target 2030
PDTPXPNC Target 2030 FundTMixed-Asset Target 2030
PDTGXPNC Target 2040 FundIMixed-Asset Target 2040
PDTNXPNC Target 2040 FundTMixed-Asset Target 2040
PDTIXPNC Target 2050 FundIMixed-Asset Target 2050
PDTOXPNC Target 2050 FundTMixed-Asset Target 2050
PDLAXPNC Tax Exempt Limited Maturity Bond FundAShort/Intermediate Municipal Debt
PDLIXPNC Tax Exempt Limited Maturity Bond FundIShort/Intermediate Municipal Debt
PTVAXPNC Total Return Advantage FundACore Bond
PTVCXPNC Total Return Advantage FundCCore Bond
PTVIXPNC Total Return Advantage FundICore Bond
PRAXXPNC Treasury Money Market FundAU.S. Treasury Money Market
PDIXXPNC Treasury Money Market FundIInstitutional U.S. Treasury Money Market
PSBAXPNC Ultra Short Bond FundAUltra Short Obligation
PNCIXPNC Ultra Short Bond FundIUltra Short Obligation

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