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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
PADAXPrudential Absolute Return Bond FundAAlternative Credit Focus
PADCXPrudential Absolute Return Bond FundCAlternative Credit Focus
PADQXPrudential Absolute Return Bond FundQAlternative Credit Focus
PADZXPrudential Absolute Return Bond FundZAlternative Credit Focus
PIBAXPrudential Balanced FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
PBFBXPrudential Balanced FundBMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
PABCXPrudential Balanced FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
PALRXPrudential Balanced FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
PABFXPrudential Balanced FundZMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
PBCAXPrudential California Muni Income FundACalifornia Municipal Debt
PCAIXPrudential California Muni Income FundBCalifornia Municipal Debt
PCICXPrudential California Muni Income FundCCalifornia Municipal Debt
PCIZXPrudential California Muni Income FundZCalifornia Municipal Debt
JDUAXPrudential Conservative Allocation FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
JDABXPrudential Conservative Allocation FundBMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
JDACXPrudential Conservative Allocation FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
JDARXPrudential Conservative Allocation FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
JDAZXPrudential Conservative Allocation FundZMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
TPCAXPrudential Core Bond FundACore Bond
TPCCXPrudential Core Bond FundCCore Bond
TPCQXPrudential Core Bond FundQCore Bond
TPCRXPrudential Core Bond FundRCore Bond
TAIBXPrudential Core Bond FundZCore Bond
PCWAXPrudential Corporate Bond FundACorporate Debt BBB-Rated
PCWCXPrudential Corporate Bond FundCCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
PCWQXPrudential Corporate Bond FundQCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
PCWRXPrudential Corporate Bond FundRCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
TGMBXPrudential Corporate Bond FundZCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
EMDAXPrudential Emerging Markets Debt Local Currency FundAEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
EMDCXPrudential Emerging Markets Debt Local Currency FundCEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
EMDQXPrudential Emerging Markets Debt Local Currency FundQEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
EMDZXPrudential Emerging Markets Debt Local Currency FundZEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
PFSAXPrudential Financial Services FundAGlobal Financial Services
PUFBXPrudential Financial Services FundBGlobal Financial Services
PUFCXPrudential Financial Services FundCGlobal Financial Services
PSSRXPrudential Financial Services FundRGlobal Financial Services
PFSZXPrudential Financial Services FundZGlobal Financial Services
FRFAXPrudential Floating Rate Income FundALoan Participation
FRFCXPrudential Floating Rate Income FundCLoan Participation
PFRIXPrudential Floating Rate Income FundQLoan Participation
FRFZXPrudential Floating Rate Income FundZLoan Participation
PAJAXPrudential Global Absolute Return Bond FundAAlternative Credit Focus
PAJCXPrudential Global Absolute Return Bond FundCAlternative Credit Focus
PAJQXPrudential Global Absolute Return Bond FundQAlternative Credit Focus
PAJZXPrudential Global Absolute Return Bond FundZAlternative Credit Focus
PURAXPrudential Global Real Estate FundAGlobal Real Estate
PURBXPrudential Global Real Estate FundBGlobal Real Estate
PURCXPrudential Global Real Estate FundCGlobal Real Estate
PGRQXPrudential Global Real Estate FundQGlobal Real Estate
PURRXPrudential Global Real Estate FundRGlobal Real Estate
PURZXPrudential Global Real Estate FundZGlobal Real Estate
GTRAXPrudential Global Total Return FundAGlobal Income
PBTRXPrudential Global Total Return FundBGlobal Income
PCTRXPrudential Global Total Return FundCGlobal Income
PGTQXPrudential Global Total Return FundQGlobal Income
PZTRXPrudential Global Total Return FundZGlobal Income
PGVAXPrudential Government Income FundAGeneral U.S. Government
PBGPXPrudential Government Income FundBGeneral U.S. Government
PRICXPrudential Government Income FundCGeneral U.S. Government
PGIQXPrudential Government Income FundQGeneral U.S. Government
JDRVXPrudential Government Income FundRGeneral U.S. Government
PGVZXPrudential Government Income FundZGeneral U.S. Government
PBMXXPrudential Government Money Market FundAU.S. Government Money Market
MJBXXPrudential Government Money Market FundBInstitutional U.S. Government Money Market
MJCXXPrudential Government Money Market FundCInstitutional U.S. Government Money Market
PMZXXPrudential Government Money Market FundZInstitutional U.S. Government Money Market
JDAAXPrudential Growth Allocation FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth
JDGBXPrudential Growth Allocation FundBMixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth
JDGCXPrudential Growth Allocation FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth
JGARXPrudential Growth Allocation FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth
JDGZXPrudential Growth Allocation FundZMixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth
PBHAXPrudential High Yield FundAHigh Yield
PBHYXPrudential High Yield FundBHigh Yield
PRHCXPrudential High Yield FundCHigh Yield
PHYQXPrudential High Yield FundQHigh Yield
JDYRXPrudential High Yield FundRHigh Yield
PHYZXPrudential High Yield FundZHigh Yield
PCGAXPrudential Income Builder FundAFlexible Portfolio
PBCFXPrudential Income Builder FundBFlexible Portfolio
PCCFXPrudential Income Builder FundCFlexible Portfolio
PCLRXPrudential Income Builder FundRFlexible Portfolio
PDCZXPrudential Income Builder FundZFlexible Portfolio
PTWAXPrudential Jennison 20/20 Focus FundALarge-Cap Growth
PTWBXPrudential Jennison 20/20 Focus FundBLarge-Cap Growth
PTWCXPrudential Jennison 20/20 Focus FundCLarge-Cap Growth
PJTQXPrudential Jennison 20/20 Focus FundQLarge-Cap Growth
JTWRXPrudential Jennison 20/20 Focus FundRLarge-Cap Growth
PTWZXPrudential Jennison 20/20 Focus FundZLarge-Cap Growth
PBQAXPrudential Jennison Blend FundAMulti-Cap Growth
PBQFXPrudential Jennison Blend FundBMulti-Cap Growth
PRECXPrudential Jennison Blend FundCMulti-Cap Growth
PEQZXPrudential Jennison Blend FundZMulti-Cap Growth
TBDAXPrudential Jennison Conservative Growth FundALarge-Cap Core
TBDBXPrudential Jennison Conservative Growth FundBLarge-Cap Core
TBDCXPrudential Jennison Conservative Growth FundCLarge-Cap Core
PDEAXPrudential Jennison Emerging Markets Equity FundAEmerging Markets
PDECXPrudential Jennison Emerging Markets Equity FundCEmerging Markets
PDEQXPrudential Jennison Emerging Markets Equity FundQEmerging Markets
PDEZXPrudential Jennison Emerging Markets Equity FundZEmerging Markets
SPQAXPrudential Jennison Equity Income FundAEquity Income
JEIBXPrudential Jennison Equity Income FundBEquity Income
AGOCXPrudential Jennison Equity Income FundCEquity Income
PJIQXPrudential Jennison Equity Income FundQEquity Income
PJERXPrudential Jennison Equity Income FundREquity Income
JDEZXPrudential Jennison Equity Income FundZEquity Income
PJIAXPrudential Jennison Equity Opportunity FundAMulti-Cap Core
PJIBXPrudential Jennison Equity Opportunity FundBMulti-Cap Core
PJGCXPrudential Jennison Equity Opportunity FundCMulti-Cap Core
PJOQXPrudential Jennison Equity Opportunity FundQMulti-Cap Core
PJORXPrudential Jennison Equity Opportunity FundRMulti-Cap Core
PJGZXPrudential Jennison Equity Opportunity FundZMulti-Cap Core
PGJAXPrudential Jennison Global Infrastructure FundAGlobal Infrastructure
PGJCXPrudential Jennison Global Infrastructure FundCGlobal Infrastructure
PGJZXPrudential Jennison Global Infrastructure FundZGlobal Infrastructure
PJFAXPrudential Jennison Growth FundALarge-Cap Growth
PJFBXPrudential Jennison Growth FundBLarge-Cap Growth
PJFCXPrudential Jennison Growth FundCLarge-Cap Growth
PJGRXPrudential Jennison Growth FundRLarge-Cap Growth
PJFZXPrudential Jennison Growth FundZLarge-Cap Growth
PHLAXPrudential Jennison Health Sciences FundAHealth/Biotechnology
PHLBXPrudential Jennison Health Sciences FundBHealth/Biotechnology
PHLCXPrudential Jennison Health Sciences FundCHealth/Biotechnology
PHLQXPrudential Jennison Health Sciences FundQHealth/Biotechnology
PJHRXPrudential Jennison Health Sciences FundRHealth/Biotechnology
PHSZXPrudential Jennison Health Sciences FundZHealth/Biotechnology
PRPAXPrudential Jennison MLP FundAEnergy MLP
PRPCXPrudential Jennison MLP FundCEnergy MLP
PRPZXPrudential Jennison MLP FundZEnergy MLP
PEEAXPrudential Jennison Mid-Cap Growth FundAMid-Cap Growth
PEEBXPrudential Jennison Mid-Cap Growth FundBMid-Cap Growth
PEGCXPrudential Jennison Mid-Cap Growth FundCMid-Cap Growth
PJGQXPrudential Jennison Mid-Cap Growth FundQMid-Cap Growth
JDERXPrudential Jennison Mid-Cap Growth FundRMid-Cap Growth
PEGZXPrudential Jennison Mid-Cap Growth FundZMid-Cap Growth
PGNAXPrudential Jennison Natural Resources FundAGlobal Natural Resources
PRGNXPrudential Jennison Natural Resources FundBGlobal Natural Resources
PNRCXPrudential Jennison Natural Resources FundCGlobal Natural Resources
PJNQXPrudential Jennison Natural Resources FundQGlobal Natural Resources
JNRRXPrudential Jennison Natural Resources FundRGlobal Natural Resources
PNRZXPrudential Jennison Natural Resources FundZGlobal Natural Resources
PJDAXPrudential Jennison Rising Dividend FundAEquity Income
PJDCXPrudential Jennison Rising Dividend FundCEquity Income
PJDZXPrudential Jennison Rising Dividend FundZEquity Income
SPFAXPrudential Jennison Select Growth FundALarge-Cap Growth
SPFBXPrudential Jennison Select Growth FundBLarge-Cap Growth
SPFCXPrudential Jennison Select Growth FundCLarge-Cap Growth
PSGQXPrudential Jennison Select Growth FundQLarge-Cap Growth
SPFZXPrudential Jennison Select Growth FundZLarge-Cap Growth
PGOAXPrudential Jennison Small Company FundASmall-Cap Core
CHNDXPrudential Jennison Small Company FundBSmall-Cap Core
PSCCXPrudential Jennison Small Company FundCSmall-Cap Core
PJSQXPrudential Jennison Small Company FundQSmall-Cap Core
JSCRXPrudential Jennison Small Company FundRSmall-Cap Core
PSCZXPrudential Jennison Small Company FundZSmall-Cap Core
PRUAXPrudential Jennison Utility FundAUtility
PRUTXPrudential Jennison Utility FundBUtility
PCUFXPrudential Jennison Utility FundCUtility
JDURXPrudential Jennison Utility FundRUtility
PRUZXPrudential Jennison Utility FundZUtility
PBEAXPrudential Jennison Value FundALarge-Cap Value
PBQIXPrudential Jennison Value FundBLarge-Cap Value
PEICXPrudential Jennison Value FundCLarge-Cap Value
PJVQXPrudential Jennison Value FundQLarge-Cap Value
JDVRXPrudential Jennison Value FundRLarge-Cap Value
PEIZXPrudential Jennison Value FundZLarge-Cap Value
JDTAXPrudential Moderate Allocation FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JDMBXPrudential Moderate Allocation FundBMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JDMCXPrudential Moderate Allocation FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JMARXPrudential Moderate Allocation FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JDMZXPrudential Moderate Allocation FundZMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
PRHAXPrudential Muni High Income FundAHigh Yield Municipal Debt
PMHYXPrudential Muni High Income FundBHigh Yield Municipal Debt
PHICXPrudential Muni High Income FundCHigh Yield Municipal Debt
PHIZXPrudential Muni High Income FundZHigh Yield Municipal Debt
PRNMXPrudential National Muni FundAGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
PBHMXPrudential National Muni FundBGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
PNMCXPrudential National Muni FundCGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
DNMZXPrudential National Muni FundZGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
PAMGXPrudential QMA Defensive Equity FundALarge-Cap Core
DMGBXPrudential QMA Defensive Equity FundBLarge-Cap Core
PIMGXPrudential QMA Defensive Equity FundCLarge-Cap Core
SPMRXPrudential QMA Defensive Equity FundRLarge-Cap Core
PDMZXPrudential QMA Defensive Equity FundZLarge-Cap Core
PTALXPrudential QMA Global Tactical Allocation FundAAlternative Multi-Strategy
PTCLXPrudential QMA Global Tactical Allocation FundCAlternative Multi-Strategy
PTQLXPrudential QMA Global Tactical Allocation FundQAlternative Multi-Strategy
PTZLXPrudential QMA Global Tactical Allocation FundZAlternative Multi-Strategy
PTMAXPrudential QMA Large-Cap Core Equity FundALarge-Cap Core
PTMBXPrudential QMA Large-Cap Core Equity FundBLarge-Cap Core
PTMCXPrudential QMA Large-Cap Core Equity FundCLarge-Cap Core
PTEZXPrudential QMA Large-Cap Core Equity FundZLarge-Cap Core
PLHAXPrudential QMA Long-Short Equity FundAAlternative Long/Short Equity
PLHCXPrudential QMA Long-Short Equity FundCAlternative Long/Short Equity
PLHZXPrudential QMA Long-Short Equity FundZAlternative Long/Short Equity
SPRAXPrudential QMA Mid-Cap Value FundAMid-Cap Value
SVUBXPrudential QMA Mid-Cap Value FundBMid-Cap Value
NCBVXPrudential QMA Mid-Cap Value FundCMid-Cap Value
PMVQXPrudential QMA Mid-Cap Value FundQMid-Cap Value
SDVRXPrudential QMA Mid-Cap Value FundRMid-Cap Value
SPVZXPrudential QMA Mid-Cap Value FundZMid-Cap Value
TSVAXPrudential QMA Small-Cap Value FundASmall-Cap Value
TRACXPrudential QMA Small-Cap Value FundCSmall-Cap Value
TSVQXPrudential QMA Small-Cap Value FundQSmall-Cap Value
TSVRXPrudential QMA Small-Cap Value FundRSmall-Cap Value
TASVXPrudential QMA Small-Cap Value FundZSmall-Cap Value
PSIAXPrudential QMA Stock Index FundAS&P 500 Index
PSICXPrudential QMA Stock Index FundCS&P 500 Index
PDSIXPrudential QMA Stock Index FundIS&P 500 Index
PSIFXPrudential QMA Stock Index FundZS&P 500 Index
SUVAXPrudential QMA Strategic Value FundAMulti-Cap Value
SUVBXPrudential QMA Strategic Value FundBMulti-Cap Value
SUVCXPrudential QMA Strategic Value FundCMulti-Cap Value
PRVRXPrudential QMA Strategic Value FundRMulti-Cap Value
SUVZXPrudential QMA Strategic Value FundZMulti-Cap Value
PUDAXPrudential Real Assets FundAFlexible Portfolio
PUDBXPrudential Real Assets FundBFlexible Portfolio
PUDCXPrudential Real Assets FundCFlexible Portfolio
PUDQXPrudential Real Assets FundQFlexible Portfolio
PUDZXPrudential Real Assets FundZFlexible Portfolio
PRKAXPrudential Real Estate Income FundAGlobal Real Estate
PRKCXPrudential Real Estate Income FundCGlobal Real Estate
PRKZXPrudential Real Estate Income FundZGlobal Real Estate
SREAXPrudential Select Real Estate FundAGlobal Real Estate
SRECXPrudential Select Real Estate FundCGlobal Real Estate
SREQXPrudential Select Real Estate FundQGlobal Real Estate
SREZXPrudential Select Real Estate FundZGlobal Real Estate
HYSAXPrudential Short Duration High Yield Income FundAHigh Yield
HYSCXPrudential Short Duration High Yield Income FundCHigh Yield
HYSQXPrudential Short Duration High Yield Income FundQHigh Yield
HYSZXPrudential Short Duration High Yield Income FundZHigh Yield
PDSAXPrudential Short Duration Muni High Income FundAHigh Yield Municipal Debt
PDSCXPrudential Short Duration Muni High Income FundCHigh Yield Municipal Debt
PDSZXPrudential Short Duration Muni High Income FundZHigh Yield Municipal Debt
SDMAXPrudential Short Duration Mutli-Sector Bond FundAShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
SDMCXPrudential Short Duration Mutli-Sector Bond FundCShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
SDMQXPrudential Short Duration Mutli-Sector Bond FundQShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
SDMZXPrudential Short Duration Mutli-Sector Bond FundZShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PBSMXPrudential Short-Term Corporate Bond FundAShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PSMBXPrudential Short-Term Corporate Bond FundBShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PIFCXPrudential Short-Term Corporate Bond FundCShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PSTQXPrudential Short-Term Corporate Bond FundQShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
JDTRXPrudential Short-Term Corporate Bond FundRShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PIFZXPrudential Short-Term Corporate Bond FundZShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PDBAXPrudential Total Return Bond FundACore Plus Bond
PRDBXPrudential Total Return Bond FundBCore Plus Bond
PDBCXPrudential Total Return Bond FundCCore Plus Bond
PTRQXPrudential Total Return Bond FundQCore Plus Bond
DTBRXPrudential Total Return Bond FundRCore Plus Bond
PDBZXPrudential Total Return Bond FundZCore Plus Bond
PJEAXPrudential US Real Estate FundAReal Estate
PJEBXPrudential US Real Estate FundBReal Estate
PJECXPrudential US Real Estate FundCReal Estate
PJEZXPrudential US Real Estate FundZReal Estate
PUCAXPrudential Unconstrained Bond FundAAlternative Credit Focus
PUCCXPrudential Unconstrained Bond FundCAlternative Credit Focus
PUCZXPrudential Unconstrained Bond FundZAlternative Credit Focus

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