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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
RDVCXRoyce Dividend Value FundConsultantEquity Income
RDIIXRoyce Dividend Value FundInstitutionalEquity Income
RDVIXRoyce Dividend Value FundInvestmentEquity Income
RYDVXRoyce Dividend Value FundServiceEquity Income
RGFIXRoyce Global Financial Services FundInstitutionalGlobal Financial Services
RYFSXRoyce Global Financial Services FundServiceGlobal Financial Services
RYGCXRoyce Heritage FundConsultantMid-Cap Core
RHFHXRoyce Heritage FundInvestmentMid-Cap Core
RHFKXRoyce Heritage FundKMid-Cap Core
RHFRXRoyce Heritage FundRMid-Cap Core
RGFAXRoyce Heritage FundServiceMid-Cap Core
RYMCXRoyce Micro-Cap FundConsultantSmall-Cap Core
RYOTXRoyce Micro-Cap FundInvestmentSmall-Cap Core
RMCFXRoyce Micro-Cap FundServiceSmall-Cap Core
ROSFXRoyce Micro-Cap Opportunity FundInvestmentAlternative Long/Short Equity
ROSSXRoyce Micro-Cap Opportunity FundServiceAlternative Long/Short Equity
ROFCXRoyce Opportunity FundConsultantSmall-Cap Value
ROFIXRoyce Opportunity FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Value
RYPNXRoyce Opportunity FundInvestmentSmall-Cap Value
ROFKXRoyce Opportunity FundKSmall-Cap Value
ROFRXRoyce Opportunity FundRSmall-Cap Value
RYOFXRoyce Opportunity FundServiceSmall-Cap Value
RYPCXRoyce Pennsylvania Mutual FundConsultantSmall-Cap Core
RPMIXRoyce Pennsylvania Mutual FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Core
PENNXRoyce Pennsylvania Mutual FundInvestmentSmall-Cap Core
RPMKXRoyce Pennsylvania Mutual FundKSmall-Cap Core
RPMRXRoyce Pennsylvania Mutual FundRSmall-Cap Core
RYPFXRoyce Pennsylvania Mutual FundServiceSmall-Cap Core
RPRCXRoyce Premier FundConsultantSmall-Cap Core
RPFIXRoyce Premier FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Core
RYPRXRoyce Premier FundInvestmentSmall-Cap Core
RPRKXRoyce Premier FundKSmall-Cap Core
RPRRXRoyce Premier FundRSmall-Cap Core
RPFFXRoyce Premier FundServiceSmall-Cap Core
RPRWXRoyce Premier FundWSmall-Cap Core
ROHHXRoyce Small-Cap Leaders FundInvestmentSmall-Cap Core
ROHKXRoyce Small-Cap Leaders FundKSmall-Cap Core
ROHRXRoyce Small-Cap Leaders FundRSmall-Cap Core
RYOHXRoyce Small-Cap Leaders FundServiceSmall-Cap Core
RVFCXRoyce Small-Cap Value FundConsultantSmall-Cap Value
RVFIXRoyce Small-Cap Value FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Value
RVVHXRoyce Small-Cap Value FundInvestmentSmall-Cap Value
RVFKXRoyce Small-Cap Value FundKSmall-Cap Value
RVVRXRoyce Small-Cap Value FundRSmall-Cap Value
RYVFXRoyce Small-Cap Value FundServiceSmall-Cap Value
RVPCXRoyce Smaller-Companies FundConsultantSmall-Cap Growth
RVPIXRoyce Smaller-Companies FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Growth
RVPHXRoyce Smaller-Companies FundInvestmentSmall-Cap Growth
RVPKXRoyce Smaller-Companies FundKSmall-Cap Growth
RVPRXRoyce Smaller-Companies FundRSmall-Cap Growth
RYVPXRoyce Smaller-Companies FundServiceSmall-Cap Growth
RSQCXRoyce Special Equity FundConsultantSmall-Cap Value
RSEIXRoyce Special Equity FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Value
RYSEXRoyce Special Equity FundInvestmentSmall-Cap Value
RSEFXRoyce Special Equity FundServiceSmall-Cap Value
RSMLXRoyce Special Equity Multi-Cap FundConsultantMulti-Cap Core
RMUIXRoyce Special Equity Multi-Cap FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Core
RSMCXRoyce Special Equity Multi-Cap FundInvestmentMulti-Cap Core
RSEMXRoyce Special Equity Multi-Cap FundServiceMulti-Cap Core
RYTCXRoyce Total Return FundConsultantSmall-Cap Core
RTRIXRoyce Total Return FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Core
RYTRXRoyce Total Return FundInvestmentSmall-Cap Core
RTRKXRoyce Total Return FundKSmall-Cap Core
RTRRXRoyce Total Return FundRSmall-Cap Core
RYTFXRoyce Total Return FundServiceSmall-Cap Core
RTRWXRoyce Total Return FundWSmall-Cap Core

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