State Farm Investment Mgmt Corporation

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
STFBXState Farm Balanced FundMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
BNSAXState Farm Bond FundACore Bond
BNSBXState Farm Bond FundBCore Bond
SRBOXState Farm Bond FundR-1Core Bond
SRBTXState Farm Bond FundR-2Core Bond
SRBHXState Farm Bond FundR-3Core Bond
SFBIXState Farm Bond FundInstitutionalCore Bond
SFBBXState Farm Bond FundLegacy BCore Bond
SFBAXState Farm Bond FundPremierCore Bond
NBSAXState Farm Equity & Bond FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
NBSBXState Farm Equity & Bond FundBMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
REBOXState Farm Equity & Bond FundR-1Mixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
REBTXState Farm Equity & Bond FundR-2Mixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
REBHXState Farm Equity & Bond FundR-3Mixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
SEBIXState Farm Equity & Bond FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
SLBBXState Farm Equity & Bond FundLegacy BMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
SLBAXState Farm Equity & Bond FundPremierMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
SNEAXState Farm Equity FundAMulti-Cap Core
SNEBXState Farm Equity FundBMulti-Cap Core
SREOXState Farm Equity FundR-1Multi-Cap Core
SRETXState Farm Equity FundR-2Multi-Cap Core
SREHXState Farm Equity FundR-3Multi-Cap Core
SLEIXState Farm Equity FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Core
SLEBXState Farm Equity FundLegacy BMulti-Cap Core
SLEAXState Farm Equity FundPremierMulti-Cap Core
STFGXState Farm Growth FundLarge-Cap Core
SFITXState Farm Interim FundShort U.S. Treasury
NLWAXState Farm LifePath 2020 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2020
NLWBXState Farm LifePath 2020 FundBMixed-Asset Target 2020
RAWOXState Farm LifePath 2020 FundR-1Mixed-Asset Target 2020
RAWTXState Farm LifePath 2020 FundR-2Mixed-Asset Target 2020
RAWHXState Farm LifePath 2020 FundR-3Mixed-Asset Target 2020
SAWIXState Farm LifePath 2020 FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target 2020
SAWBXState Farm LifePath 2020 FundLegacy BMixed-Asset Target 2020
SAWAXState Farm LifePath 2020 FundPremierMixed-Asset Target 2020
NLHAXState Farm LifePath 2030 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2030
NLHBXState Farm LifePath 2030 FundBMixed-Asset Target 2030
RAYOXState Farm LifePath 2030 FundR-1Mixed-Asset Target 2030
RAYTXState Farm LifePath 2030 FundR-2Mixed-Asset Target 2030
RAYHXState Farm LifePath 2030 FundR-3Mixed-Asset Target 2030
SAYIXState Farm LifePath 2030 FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target 2030
SAYBXState Farm LifePath 2030 FundLegacy BMixed-Asset Target 2030
SAYAXState Farm LifePath 2030 FundPremierMixed-Asset Target 2030
NLOAXState Farm LifePath 2040 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2040
NLBOXState Farm LifePath 2040 FundBMixed-Asset Target 2040
RAUOXState Farm LifePath 2040 FundR-1Mixed-Asset Target 2040
RAUTXState Farm LifePath 2040 FundR-2Mixed-Asset Target 2040
RAUHXState Farm LifePath 2040 FundR-3Mixed-Asset Target 2040
SAUIXState Farm LifePath 2040 FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target 2040
SAUBXState Farm LifePath 2040 FundLegacy BMixed-Asset Target 2040
SAUAXState Farm LifePath 2040 FundPremierMixed-Asset Target 2040
NLPAXState Farm LifePath 2050 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2050
RAVRXState Farm LifePath 2050 FundR-1Mixed-Asset Target 2050
RAVSXState Farm LifePath 2050 FundR-2Mixed-Asset Target 2050
NLPPXState Farm LifePath 2050 FundPremierMixed-Asset Target 2050
NILAXState Farm LifePath Retirement FundAMixed-Asset Target Today
NILBXState Farm LifePath Retirement FundBMixed-Asset Target Today
RLROXState Farm LifePath Retirement FundR-1Mixed-Asset Target Today
RLRTXState Farm LifePath Retirement FundR-2Mixed-Asset Target Today
RLRHXState Farm LifePath Retirement FundR-3Mixed-Asset Target Today
SLRIXState Farm LifePath Retirement FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target Today
SLRBXState Farm LifePath Retirement FundLegacy BMixed-Asset Target Today
SLRAXState Farm LifePath Retirement FundPremierMixed-Asset Target Today
MNAXXState Farm Money Market FundAMoney Market Instrument
MNBXXState Farm Money Market FundBMoney Market Instrument
SFIXXState Farm Money Market FundR-1Institutional Money Market
SFWXXState Farm Money Market FundR-2Institutional Money Market
SFEXXState Farm Money Market FundR-3Institutional Money Market
SAIXXState Farm Money Market FundInstitutionalInstitutional Money Market
SABXXState Farm Money Market FundLegacy BMoney Market Instrument
SAAXXState Farm Money Market FundPremierMoney Market Instrument
SFBDXState Farm Municipal Bond FundIntermediate Municipal Debt
SNPAXState Farm S&P 500 Index FundAS&P 500 Index
SNPBXState Farm S&P 500 Index FundBS&P 500 Index
RSPOXState Farm S&P 500 Index FundR-1S&P 500 Index
RSPTXState Farm S&P 500 Index FundR-2S&P 500 Index
RSPHXState Farm S&P 500 Index FundR-3S&P 500 Index
SFXIXState Farm S&P 500 Index FundInstitutionalS&P 500 Index
SLIBXState Farm S&P 500 Index FundLegacy BS&P 500 Index
SLIAXState Farm S&P 500 Index FundPremierS&P 500 Index
SNRAXState Farm Small Cap Index FundASmall-Cap Core
SNRBXState Farm Small Cap Index FundBSmall-Cap Core
RSIOXState Farm Small Cap Index FundR-1Small-Cap Core
RSITXState Farm Small Cap Index FundR-2Small-Cap Core
RSIHXState Farm Small Cap Index FundR-3Small-Cap Core
SMIIXState Farm Small Cap Index FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Core
SMIBXState Farm Small Cap Index FundLegacy BSmall-Cap Core
SMIAXState Farm Small Cap Index FundPremierSmall-Cap Core
SSNAXState Farm Small/Mid Cap Equity FundAMid-Cap Core
SSNBXState Farm Small/Mid Cap Equity FundBMid-Cap Core
RSEOXState Farm Small/Mid Cap Equity FundR-1Mid-Cap Core
RSETXState Farm Small/Mid Cap Equity FundR-2Mid-Cap Core
RSEHXState Farm Small/Mid Cap Equity FundR-3Mid-Cap Core
SFEIXState Farm Small/Mid Cap Equity FundInstitutionalMid-Cap Core
SFSBXState Farm Small/Mid Cap Equity FundLegacy BMid-Cap Core
SFSAXState Farm Small/Mid Cap Equity FundPremierMid-Cap Core
TANAXState Farm Tax Advantaged Bond FundAGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
TANBXState Farm Tax Advantaged Bond FundBGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
SFTBXState Farm Tax Advantaged Bond FundLegacy BGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
SFTAXState Farm Tax Advantaged Bond FundPremierGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt

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