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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
SBMBXEnergy and Basic Materials PortfolioANatural Resources
SEPCXEnergy and Basic Materials PortfolioCNatural Resources
SEPIXEnergy and Basic Materials PortfolioINatural Resources
SFPAXFinancial Services PortfolioAFinancial Services
SFPCXFinancial Services PortfolioCFinancial Services
SFPIXFinancial Services PortfolioIFinancial Services
SHPAXHealth & Biotechnology PortfolioAHealth/Biotechnology
SHPCXHealth & Biotechnology PortfolioCHealth/Biotechnology
SBHIXHealth & Biotechnology PortfolioIHealth/Biotechnology
SQBCXInvestment Quality Bond PortfolioCCore Bond
SIBPXInvestment Quality Bond PortfolioICore Bond
GRRAXJames Alpha Macro PortfolioAAlternative Global MACRO
GRRCXJames Alpha Macro PortfolioCAlternative Global MACRO
GRRIXJames Alpha Macro PortfolioIAlternative Global MACRO
JDAEXJames Alpha Managed Risk Domestic Equity PortfolioAS&P 500 Index
JDCEXJames Alpha Managed Risk Domestic Equity PortfolioCS&P 500 Index
JDIEXJames Alpha Managed Risk Domestic Equity PortfolioIS&P 500 Index
JEAMXJames Alpha Managed Risk Emerging Markets Equity PortfolioAEmerging Markets
JECMXJames Alpha Managed Risk Emerging Markets Equity PortfolioCEmerging Markets
JEIMXJames Alpha Managed Risk Emerging Markets Equity PortfolioIEmerging Markets
SLGYXLarge Capitalization Growth PortfolioAMulti-Cap Growth
SLGCXLarge Capitalization Growth PortfolioCMulti-Cap Growth
SLCGXLarge Capitalization Growth PortfolioIMulti-Cap Growth
SLVYXLarge Capitalization Value PortfolioAMulti-Cap Core
SLVCXLarge Capitalization Value PortfolioCMulti-Cap Core
SLCVXLarge Capitalization Value PortfolioIMulti-Cap Core
SPMAXMid Capitalization PortfolioAMid-Cap Core
SPMCXMid Capitalization PortfolioCMid-Cap Core
SMIPXMid Capitalization PortfolioIMid-Cap Core
SMBCXMunicipal Bond PortfolioCGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
SMBPXMunicipal Bond PortfolioIGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
SSCYXSmall Capitalization PortfolioASmall-Cap Core
SSCCXSmall Capitalization PortfolioCSmall-Cap Core
SSCPXSmall Capitalization PortfolioISmall-Cap Core
STPAXTechnology & Communications PortfolioAScience and Technology
STPCXTechnology & Communications PortfolioCScience and Technology
STPIXTechnology & Communications PortfolioIScience and Technology

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