TCW Investment Management Company

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
TGFFXTCW Concentrated Value FundILarge-Cap Core
TGFVXTCW Concentrated Value FundNLarge-Cap Core
TGPCXTCW Conservative Allocation FundIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
TGPNXTCW Conservative Allocation FundNMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
TGCFXTCW Core Fixed Income FundICore Bond
TGFNXTCW Core Fixed Income FundNCore Bond
TGDMXTCW Developing Markets Equity FundIEmerging Markets
TGDPXTCW Developing Markets Equity FundNEmerging Markets
TGEIXTCW Emerging Markets Income FundIEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
TGINXTCW Emerging Markets Income FundNEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
TGWIXTCW Emerging Markets Local Currency Income FundIEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
TGWNXTCW Emerging Markets Local Currency Income FundNEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
TGMAXTCW Emerging Markets Multi-Asset Opportunities FundIEmerging Markets
TGMEXTCW Emerging Markets Multi-Asset Opportunities FundNEmerging Markets
TGGWXTCW Enhanced Commodity Strategy FundICommodities General
TGABXTCW Enhanced Commodity Strategy FundNCommodities General
TGGBXTCW Global Bond FundIGlobal Income
TGGFXTCW Global Bond FundNGlobal Income
TGREXTCW Global Real Estate FundIGlobal Real Estate
TGRYXTCW Global Real Estate FundNGlobal Real Estate
TGGEXTCW Growth Equities FundIMid-Cap Growth
TGDNXTCW Growth Equities FundNMid-Cap Growth
TGHDXTCW High Dividend Equities FundIEquity Income
TGDEXTCW High Dividend Equities FundNEquity Income
TFDEXTCW High Dividend Equities Long/Short FundIAlternative Long/Short Equity
TFENXTCW High Dividend Equities Long/Short FundNAlternative Long/Short Equity
TGHYXTCW High Yield Bond FundIHigh Yield
TGHNXTCW High Yield Bond FundNHigh Yield
TGUSXTCW New America Premier Equities FundILarge-Cap Value
TGUNXTCW New America Premier Equities FundNLarge-Cap Value
TGDFXTCW Relative Value Dividend Appreciation FundIEquity Income
TGIGXTCW Relative Value Dividend Appreciation FundNEquity Income
TGDIXTCW Relative Value Large Cap FundIMulti-Cap Value
TGDVXTCW Relative Value Large Cap FundNMulti-Cap Value
TGVOXTCW Relative Value Mid Cap FundIMid-Cap Value
TGVNXTCW Relative Value Mid Cap FundNMid-Cap Value
TGSDXTCW SMID Cap Growth FundIMid-Cap Growth
TGMDXTCW SMID Cap Growth FundNMid-Cap Growth
TGCEXTCW Select Equities FundILarge-Cap Growth
TGCNXTCW Select Equities FundNLarge-Cap Growth
TGSMXTCW Short Term Bond FundIShort-Investment-Grade Debt
TGSCXTCW Small Cap Growth FundISmall-Cap Growth
TGSNXTCW Small Cap Growth FundNSmall-Cap Growth
TGLMXTCW Total Return Bond FundIU.S. Mortgage
TGMNXTCW Total Return Bond FundNU.S. Mortgage
TFDIXTCW/Gargoyle Dynamic 500 FundIAlternative Long/Short Equity
TFDNXTCW/Gargoyle Dynamic 500 FundNAlternative Long/Short Equity
TFHIXTCW/Gargoyle Hedged Value FundIAlternative Long/Short Equity
TFHVXTCW/Gargoyle Hedged Value FundNAlternative Long/Short Equity
TFVSXTCW/Gargoyle Systematic Value FundILarge-Cap Value
TFSNXTCW/Gargoyle Systematic Value FundNLarge-Cap Value

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