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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
USAUXAggressive Growth FundFundLarge-Cap Growth
UIAGXAggressive Growth FundInstitutionalLarge-Cap Growth
UXABXCalifornia Bond FundAdviserCalifornia Municipal Debt
USCBXCalifornia Bond FundFundCalifornia Municipal Debt
UCAXXCalifornia Money Market FundCalifornia Tax-Exempt Money Market
UCAGXCornerstone Aggressive FundMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
USCCXCornerstone Conservative FundMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
USBSXCornerstone Moderate FundMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
USCRXCornerstone Moderately Aggressive FundMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
UCMCXCornerstone Moderately Conservative FundMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
UAEMXEmerging Markets FundAdviserEmerging Markets
USEMXEmerging Markets FundFundEmerging Markets
UIEMXEmerging Markets FundInstitutionalEmerging Markets
USMIXExtended Market Index FundMid-Cap Core
UFSGXFirst Start Growth FundMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
UAFIXFlexible Income FundAdviserMulti-Sector Income
USFIXFlexible Income FundFundMulti-Sector Income
UIFIXFlexible Income FundInstitutionalMulti-Sector Income
UGEIXGlobal Equity Income FundFundGlobal Equity Income
UIGEXGlobal Equity Income FundInstitutionalGlobal Equity Income
UGMVXGlobal Managed Volatility FundFundFlexible Portfolio
UGOFXGlobal Managed Volatility FundInstitutionalFlexible Portfolio
UAGNXGovernment Securities FundAdviserIntermediate U.S. Government
USGNXGovernment Securities FundFundIntermediate U.S. Government
UIGSXGovernment Securities FundInstitutionalIntermediate U.S. Government
USGIXGrowth & Income FundAdviserMulti-Cap Core
USGRXGrowth & Income FundFundMulti-Cap Core
UIGIXGrowth & Income FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Core
USBLXGrowth & Tax Strategy FundFundMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
USAAXGrowth FundFundLarge-Cap Growth
UIGRXGrowth FundInstitutionalLarge-Cap Growth
UHYOXHigh Income FundAdviserHigh Yield
USHYXHigh Income FundFundHigh Yield
UIHIXHigh Income FundInstitutionalHigh Yield
UINCXIncome FundAdviserCorporate Debt A-Rated
USAIXIncome FundFundCorporate Debt A-Rated
UIINXIncome FundInstitutionalCorporate Debt A-Rated
USISXIncome Stock FundFundEquity Income
UIISXIncome Stock FundInstitutionalEquity Income
UITBXIntermediate-Term Bond FundAdviserCore Plus Bond
USIBXIntermediate-Term Bond FundFundCore Plus Bond
UIITXIntermediate-Term Bond FundInstitutionalCore Plus Bond
UMAFXManaged Allocation FundFlexible Portfolio
USAXXMoney Market FundMoney Market Instrument
USNQXNasdaq-100 Index FundLarge-Cap Growth
UNYBXNew York Bond FundAdviserNew York State Municipal Debt
USNYXNew York Bond FundFundNew York State Municipal Debt
UNYXXNew York Money Market FundNew York Tax-Exempt Money Market
UPMMXPrecious Metals & Minerals FundAdviserPrecious Metals Equity
USAGXPrecious Metals & Minerals FundFundPrecious Metals Equity
UIPMXPrecious Metals & Minerals FundInstitutionalPrecious Metals Equity
USRRXReal Return FundFundAlternative Global MACRO
UIRRXReal Return FundInstitutionalAlternative Global MACRO
USSPXS&P 500 Index FundMemberS&P 500 Index
USPRXS&P 500 Index FundRewardS&P 500 Index
USTCXScience & Technology FundAdviserScience and Technology
USSCXScience & Technology FundFundScience and Technology
UASBXShort-Term Bond FundAdviserShort-Investment-Grade Debt
USSBXShort-Term Bond FundFundShort-Investment-Grade Debt
UISBXShort-Term Bond FundInstitutionalShort-Investment-Grade Debt
USCAXSmall Cap Stock FundFundSmall-Cap Core
UISCXSmall Cap Stock FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Core
UTMAXTarget Managed Allocation FundMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
URTNXTarget Retirement 2020 FundMixed-Asset Target 2020
URTRXTarget Retirement 2030 FundMixed-Asset Target 2030
URFRXTarget Retirement 2040 FundMixed-Asset Target 2040
URFFXTarget Retirement 2050 FundMixed-Asset Target 2050
URSIXTarget Retirement 2060 FundMixed-Asset Target 2055+
URINXTarget Retirement Income FundMixed-Asset Target Today
UTEIXTax Exempt Intermediate-Term FundAdviserIntermediate Municipal Debt
USATXTax Exempt Intermediate-Term FundFundIntermediate Municipal Debt
UTELXTax Exempt Long-Term FundAdviserGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
USTEXTax Exempt Long-Term FundFundGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
USEXXTax Exempt Money Market FundTax-Exempt Money Market
UTESXTax Exempt Short-Term FundAdviserShort Municipal Debt
USSTXTax Exempt Short-Term FundFundShort Municipal Debt
USTRXTotal Return Strategy FundFundAlternative Global MACRO
UTRIXTotal Return Strategy FundInstitutionalAlternative Global MACRO
UATXXTreasury Money Market TrustU.S. Treasury Money Market
UUSTXUltra Short-Term Bond FundFundUltra Short Obligation
UUSIXUltra Short-Term Bond FundInstitutionalUltra Short Obligation
UAVAXValue FundAdviserMulti-Cap Value
UVALXValue FundFundMulti-Cap Value
UIVAXValue FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Value
UVABXVirginia Bond FundAdviserVirginia Municipal Debt
USVAXVirginia Bond FundFundVirginia Municipal Debt
UVAXXVirginia Money Market FundOther States Tax-Exempt Money Market

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