Virtus Investment Partners Inc

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
PDPAXVirtus Alternatives Diversifier FundAAlternative Global MACRO
PDPCXVirtus Alternatives Diversifier FundCAlternative Global MACRO
VADIXVirtus Alternatives Diversifier FundIAlternative Global MACRO
PHBLXVirtus Balanced FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
PBCBXVirtus Balanced FundBMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
PSBCXVirtus Balanced FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
SAVAXVirtus Bond FundACore Plus Bond
SAVBXVirtus Bond FundBCore Plus Bond
SAVCXVirtus Bond FundCCore Plus Bond
SAVYXVirtus Bond FundICore Plus Bond
CTESXVirtus CA Tax-Exempt Bond FundACalifornia Municipal Debt
CTXEXVirtus CA Tax-Exempt Bond FundICalifornia Municipal Debt
FMIVXVirtus Contrarian Value FundAMulti-Cap Value
FMICXVirtus Contrarian Value FundCMulti-Cap Value
PIMVXVirtus Contrarian Value FundIMulti-Cap Value
VMVRXVirtus Contrarian Value FundR6Multi-Cap Value
VEDAXVirtus Emerging Markets Debt FundAEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
VEDCXVirtus Emerging Markets Debt FundCEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
VIEDXVirtus Emerging Markets Debt FundIEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
VEIAXVirtus Emerging Markets Equity Income FundAEmerging Markets
VEICXVirtus Emerging Markets Equity Income FundCEmerging Markets
VEIIXVirtus Emerging Markets Equity Income FundIEmerging Markets
HEMZXVirtus Emerging Markets Opportunities FundAEmerging Markets
PICEXVirtus Emerging Markets Opportunities FundCEmerging Markets
HIEMXVirtus Emerging Markets Opportunities FundIEmerging Markets
VREMXVirtus Emerging Markets Opportunities FundR6Emerging Markets
VAESXVirtus Emerging Markets Small-Cap FundAEmerging Markets
VCESXVirtus Emerging Markets Small-Cap FundCEmerging Markets
VIESXVirtus Emerging Markets Small-Cap FundIEmerging Markets
VAPAXVirtus Equity Trend FundALarge-Cap Core
VAPCXVirtus Equity Trend FundCLarge-Cap Core
VAPIXVirtus Equity Trend FundILarge-Cap Core
VRPAXVirtus Equity Trend FundR6Large-Cap Core
VERAXVirtus Essential Resources FundANatural Resources
VERCXVirtus Essential Resources FundCNatural Resources
VERIXVirtus Essential Resources FundINatural Resources
PGUAXVirtus Global Infrastructure FundAGlobal Infrastructure
PGUCXVirtus Global Infrastructure FundCGlobal Infrastructure
PGIUXVirtus Global Infrastructure FundIGlobal Infrastructure
VGSAXVirtus Global Real Estate Securities FundAGlobal Real Estate
VGSCXVirtus Global Real Estate Securities FundCGlobal Real Estate
VGISXVirtus Global Real Estate Securities FundIGlobal Real Estate
VGEAXVirtus Greater European Opportunities FundAEuropean Region
VGECXVirtus Greater European Opportunities FundCEuropean Region
VGEIXVirtus Greater European Opportunities FundIEuropean Region
PDIAXVirtus Growth & Income FundALarge-Cap Core
PGICXVirtus Growth & Income FundCLarge-Cap Core
PXIIXVirtus Growth & Income FundILarge-Cap Core
VHFAXVirtus Herzfeld FundAFlexible Portfolio
VHFCXVirtus Herzfeld FundCFlexible Portfolio
VHFIXVirtus Herzfeld FundIFlexible Portfolio
PHCHXVirtus High Yield FundAHigh Yield
PHCCXVirtus High Yield FundBHigh Yield
PGHCXVirtus High Yield FundCHigh Yield
PHCIXVirtus High Yield FundIHigh Yield
PXRAXVirtus International Real Estate Securities FundAInternational Real Estate
PXRCXVirtus International Real Estate Securities FundCInternational Real Estate
PXRIXVirtus International Real Estate Securities FundIInternational Real Estate
HIMZXVirtus Low Duration Income FundAShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PCMZXVirtus Low Duration Income FundCShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
HIBIXVirtus Low Duration Income FundIShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
VLVAXVirtus Low Volatility Equity FundALarge-Cap Core
VLVCXVirtus Low Volatility Equity FundCLarge-Cap Core
VLVIXVirtus Low Volatility Equity FundILarge-Cap Core
VMACXVirtus Mid-Cap Core FundAMid-Cap Growth
VMCCXVirtus Mid-Cap Core FundCMid-Cap Growth
VIMCXVirtus Mid-Cap Core FundIMid-Cap Growth
PHSKXVirtus Mid-Cap Growth FundAMid-Cap Growth
PSKBXVirtus Mid-Cap Growth FundBMid-Cap Growth
PSKCXVirtus Mid-Cap Growth FundCMid-Cap Growth
PICMXVirtus Mid-Cap Growth FundIMid-Cap Growth
VAAAXVirtus Multi-Asset Trend FundAFlexible Portfolio
VAACXVirtus Multi-Asset Trend FundCFlexible Portfolio
VAISXVirtus Multi-Asset Trend FundIFlexible Portfolio
NAMFXVirtus Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond FundAMulti-Sector Income
NBMFXVirtus Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond FundBMulti-Sector Income
NCMFXVirtus Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond FundCMulti-Sector Income
VMFIXVirtus Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond FundIMulti-Sector Income
VMFRXVirtus Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond FundR6Multi-Sector Income
NARAXVirtus Multi-Sector Short Term Bond FundAShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PBARXVirtus Multi-Sector Short Term Bond FundBShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PSTCXVirtus Multi-Sector Short Term Bond FundCShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PIMSXVirtus Multi-Sector Short Term Bond FundIShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PMSTXVirtus Multi-Sector Short Term Bond FundTShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
PPTAXVirtus Quality Large-Cap Value FundALarge-Cap Core
PPTCXVirtus Quality Large-Cap Value FundCLarge-Cap Core
PIPTXVirtus Quality Large-Cap Value FundILarge-Cap Core
PQSAXVirtus Quality Small-Cap FundASmall-Cap Growth
PQSCXVirtus Quality Small-Cap FundCSmall-Cap Growth
PXQSXVirtus Quality Small-Cap FundISmall-Cap Growth
PHRAXVirtus Real Estate Securities FundAReal Estate
PHRBXVirtus Real Estate Securities FundBReal Estate
PHRCXVirtus Real Estate Securities FundCReal Estate
PHRIXVirtus Real Estate Securities FundIReal Estate
VRREXVirtus Real Estate Securities FundR6Real Estate
PWBAXVirtus Sector Trend FundALarge-Cap Core
PWBCXVirtus Sector Trend FundCLarge-Cap Core
VARIXVirtus Sector Trend FundILarge-Cap Core
VLPAXVirtus Select MLP and Energy FundAEnergy MLP
VLPCXVirtus Select MLP and Energy FundCEnergy MLP
VLPIXVirtus Select MLP and Energy FundIEnergy MLP
PSFRXVirtus Senior Floating Rate FundALoan Participation
PFSRXVirtus Senior Floating Rate FundCLoan Participation
PSFIXVirtus Senior Floating Rate FundILoan Participation
PKSAXVirtus Small-Cap Core FundASmall-Cap Growth
PKSCXVirtus Small-Cap Core FundCSmall-Cap Growth
PKSFXVirtus Small-Cap Core FundISmall-Cap Growth
VSCRXVirtus Small-Cap Core FundR6Small-Cap Growth
PSGAXVirtus Small-Cap Sustainable Growth FundASmall-Cap Growth
PSGCXVirtus Small-Cap Sustainable Growth FundCSmall-Cap Growth
PXSGXVirtus Small-Cap Sustainable Growth FundISmall-Cap Growth
PSTAXVirtus Strategic Growth FundALarge-Cap Growth
PBTHXVirtus Strategic Growth FundBLarge-Cap Growth
SSTFXVirtus Strategic Growth FundCLarge-Cap Growth
PLXGXVirtus Strategic Growth FundILarge-Cap Growth
VASBXVirtus Strategic Income FundAAlternative Credit Focus
VSBCXVirtus Strategic Income FundCAlternative Credit Focus
VISBXVirtus Strategic Income FundIAlternative Credit Focus
NAINXVirtus Tactical Allocation FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
NBINXVirtus Tactical Allocation FundBMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
POICXVirtus Tactical Allocation FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
HXBZXVirtus Tax-Exempt Bond FundAGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
PXCZXVirtus Tax-Exempt Bond FundCGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
HXBIXVirtus Tax-Exempt Bond FundIGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
VWMAXVirtus Wealth Masters FundAMid-Cap Core
VWMCXVirtus Wealth Masters FundCMid-Cap Core
VWMIXVirtus Wealth Masters FundIMid-Cap Core

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