Voya Investments LLC

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
ATLAXVoya Capital Allocation FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
ALYBXVoya Capital Allocation FundBMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
ACLGXVoya Capital Allocation FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
ALEGXVoya Capital Allocation FundIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
IDSIXVoya Capital Allocation FundOMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
IAFWXVoya Capital Allocation FundWMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
IACLXVoya Corporate Leaders 100 FundALarge-Cap Core
IBCLXVoya Corporate Leaders 100 FundBLarge-Cap Core
ICCLXVoya Corporate Leaders 100 FundCLarge-Cap Core
IICLXVoya Corporate Leaders 100 FundILarge-Cap Core
IOCLXVoya Corporate Leaders 100 FundOLarge-Cap Core
IRCLXVoya Corporate Leaders 100 FundRLarge-Cap Core
VCLRXVoya Corporate Leaders 100 FundR6Large-Cap Core
IWCLXVoya Corporate Leaders 100 FundWLarge-Cap Core
LEXCXVoya Corporate Leaders Trust FundLarge-Cap Value
IADEXVoya Diversified Emerging Markets Debt FundAEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
ICDEXVoya Diversified Emerging Markets Debt FundCEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
IIDEXVoya Diversified Emerging Markets Debt FundIEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
IWDEXVoya Diversified Emerging Markets Debt FundWEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
IMCDXVoya Emerging Markets Corporate Debt FundPEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
IHCSXVoya Emerging Markets Hard Currency Debt FundPEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
ILCDXVoya Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt FundPEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
IFRAXVoya Floating Rate FundALoan Participation
IFRCXVoya Floating Rate FundCLoan Participation
IFRIXVoya Floating Rate FundILoan Participation
IFRPXVoya Floating Rate FundPLoan Participation
IFRRXVoya Floating Rate FundRLoan Participation
IFRWXVoya Floating Rate FundWLoan Participation
INGBXVoya Global Bond FundAGlobal Income
IGBBXVoya Global Bond FundBGlobal Income
IGBCXVoya Global Bond FundCGlobal Income
IGBIXVoya Global Bond FundIGlobal Income
IGBOXVoya Global Bond FundOGlobal Income
IGBPXVoya Global Bond FundPGlobal Income
IGBRXVoya Global Bond FundRGlobal Income
IGBZXVoya Global Bond FundR6Global Income
IGBWXVoya Global Bond FundWGlobal Income
IAGEXVoya Global Equity Dividend FundAGlobal Equity Income
IBGEXVoya Global Equity Dividend FundBGlobal Equity Income
ICGEXVoya Global Equity Dividend FundCGlobal Equity Income
IGEIXVoya Global Equity Dividend FundIGlobal Equity Income
IDGEXVoya Global Equity Dividend FundOGlobal Equity Income
IGEWXVoya Global Equity Dividend FundWGlobal Equity Income
IAPVXVoya Global Perspectives FundAFlexible Portfolio
ICPVXVoya Global Perspectives FundCFlexible Portfolio
IIPVXVoya Global Perspectives FundIFlexible Portfolio
IRPVXVoya Global Perspectives FundRFlexible Portfolio
IWPVXVoya Global Perspectives FundWFlexible Portfolio
IGLAXVoya Global Real Estate FundAGlobal Real Estate
IGBAXVoya Global Real Estate FundBGlobal Real Estate
IGCAXVoya Global Real Estate FundCGlobal Real Estate
IGLIXVoya Global Real Estate FundIGlobal Real Estate
IDGTXVoya Global Real Estate FundOGlobal Real Estate
IGARXVoya Global Real Estate FundRGlobal Real Estate
VGRQXVoya Global Real Estate FundR6Global Real Estate
IRGWXVoya Global Real Estate FundWGlobal Real Estate
IGPAXVoya Global Target Payment FundARetirement Income
IGPCXVoya Global Target Payment FundCRetirement Income
IGPIXVoya Global Target Payment FundIRetirement Income
IGPRXVoya Global Target Payment FundRRetirement Income
IGPWXVoya Global Target Payment FundWRetirement Income
AEMXXVoya Government Money Market FundAU.S. Government Money Market
ATBXXVoya Government Money Market FundBU.S. Government Money Market
IMCXXVoya Government Money Market FundCU.S. Government Money Market
ATNXXVoya Government Money Market FundIInstitutional U.S. Government Money Market
AMCXXVoya Government Money Market FundLU.S. Government Money Market
IDMXXVoya Government Money Market FundOU.S. Government Money Market
IMWXXVoya Government Money Market FundWU.S. Government Money Market
IHYAXVoya High Yield Bond FundAHigh Yield
INYBXVoya High Yield Bond FundBHigh Yield
IMYCXVoya High Yield Bond FundCHigh Yield
IHYIXVoya High Yield Bond FundIHigh Yield
IHYPXVoya High Yield Bond FundPHigh Yield
IRSTXVoya High Yield Bond FundRHigh Yield
VHYRXVoya High Yield Bond FundR6High Yield
IHYWXVoya High Yield Bond FundWHigh Yield
VTRVXVoya In-Retirement FundAMixed-Asset Target Today
ISOLXVoya In-Retirement FundIMixed-Asset Target Today
VTRWXVoya In-Retirement FundR6Mixed-Asset Target Today
IIBAXVoya Intermediate Bond FundACore Bond
IIBBXVoya Intermediate Bond FundBCore Bond
IICCXVoya Intermediate Bond FundCCore Bond
IICIXVoya Intermediate Bond FundICore Bond
IDBOXVoya Intermediate Bond FundOCore Bond
IIBOXVoya Intermediate Bond FundRCore Bond
IIBZXVoya Intermediate Bond FundR6Core Bond
IIBWXVoya Intermediate Bond FundWCore Bond
IIRAXVoya International Real Estate FundAInternational Real Estate
IIRBXVoya International Real Estate FundBInternational Real Estate
IIRCXVoya International Real Estate FundCInternational Real Estate
IIRIXVoya International Real Estate FundIInternational Real Estate
IIRWXVoya International Real Estate FundWInternational Real Estate
VACFXVoya Investment Grade Credit FundACorporate Debt BBB-Rated
VIGCXVoya Investment Grade Credit FundICorporate Debt BBB-Rated
IIGPXVoya Investment Grade Credit FundPCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
VIGTXVoya Investment Grade Credit FundR6Corporate Debt BBB-Rated
ISCFXVoya Investment Grade Credit FundSMACorporate Debt BBB-Rated
IEDAXVoya Large Cap Value FundAEquity Income
IBEDXVoya Large Cap Value FundBEquity Income
IEDCXVoya Large Cap Value FundCEquity Income
IEDIXVoya Large Cap Value FundIEquity Income
ILVOXVoya Large Cap Value FundOEquity Income
IEDRXVoya Large Cap Value FundREquity Income
IEDZXVoya Large Cap Value FundR6Equity Income
IWEDXVoya Large Cap Value FundWEquity Income
NLCAXVoya Large-Cap Growth FundAMulti-Cap Growth
NLCBXVoya Large-Cap Growth FundBMulti-Cap Growth
NLCCXVoya Large-Cap Growth FundCMulti-Cap Growth
PLCIXVoya Large-Cap Growth FundIMulti-Cap Growth
VGORXVoya Large-Cap Growth FundRMulti-Cap Growth
VGOSXVoya Large-Cap Growth FundR6Multi-Cap Growth
IGOWXVoya Large-Cap Growth FundWMulti-Cap Growth
AIMAXVoya Mid Cap Research Enhanced Index FundAMid-Cap Core
APMBXVoya Mid Cap Research Enhanced Index FundBMid-Cap Core
APMCXVoya Mid Cap Research Enhanced Index FundCMid-Cap Core
AIMIXVoya Mid Cap Research Enhanced Index FundIMid-Cap Core
IDMOXVoya Mid Cap Research Enhanced Index FundOMid-Cap Core
AIMRXVoya Mid Cap Research Enhanced Index FundRMid-Cap Core
AIMWXVoya Mid Cap Research Enhanced Index FundWMid-Cap Core
NMCAXVoya MidCap Opportunities FundAMulti-Cap Growth
NMCBXVoya MidCap Opportunities FundBMulti-Cap Growth
NMCCXVoya MidCap Opportunities FundCMulti-Cap Growth
NMCOXVoya MidCap Opportunities FundOMulti-Cap Growth
IMORXVoya MidCap Opportunities FundRMulti-Cap Growth
IMOZXVoya MidCap Opportunities FundR6Multi-Cap Growth
IMOWXVoya MidCap Opportunities FundWMulti-Cap Growth
NMCIXVoya MidCap Opportunities FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Growth
IEMHXVoya Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Equity FundAEmerging Markets
IEMEXVoya Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Equity FundBEmerging Markets
IEMJXVoya Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Equity FundCEmerging Markets
IEMGXVoya Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Equity FundIEmerging Markets
IEMKXVoya Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Equity FundREmerging Markets
IEMLXVoya Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Equity FundWEmerging Markets
IMCVXVoya Multi-Manager Mid Cap Value FundIMid-Cap Value
CLARXVoya Real Estate FundAReal Estate
CRBCXVoya Real Estate FundBReal Estate
CRCRXVoya Real Estate FundCReal Estate
IDROXVoya Real Estate FundOReal Estate
CRWRXVoya Real Estate FundRReal Estate
VREQXVoya Real Estate FundR6Real Estate
IREWXVoya Real Estate FundWReal Estate
CRARXVoya Real Estate FundInstitutionalReal Estate
LETRXVoya Russia FundAEmerging Markets
IIRFXVoya Russia FundIEmerging Markets
IWRFXVoya Russia FundWEmerging Markets
VCFAXVoya Securitized Credit FundAU.S. Mortgage
VCFIXVoya Securitized Credit FundIU.S. Mortgage
VSCFXVoya Securitized Credit FundPU.S. Mortgage
IASBXVoya Short Term Bond FundAShort-Investment-Grade Debt
ICSBXVoya Short Term Bond FundCShort-Investment-Grade Debt
IISBXVoya Short Term Bond FundIShort-Investment-Grade Debt
VSTRXVoya Short Term Bond FundRShort-Investment-Grade Debt
IGZAXVoya Short Term Bond FundR6Short-Investment-Grade Debt
IWSBXVoya Short Term Bond FundWShort-Investment-Grade Debt
AESAXVoya Small Company FundASmall-Cap Core
ASMLXVoya Small Company FundBSmall-Cap Core
ASCCXVoya Small Company FundCSmall-Cap Core
AESGXVoya Small Company FundISmall-Cap Core
ISCOXVoya Small Company FundOSmall-Cap Core
ISMZXVoya Small Company FundR6Small-Cap Core
ISMWXVoya Small Company FundWSmall-Cap Core
NSPAXVoya SmallCap Opportunities FundASmall-Cap Growth
NSPBXVoya SmallCap Opportunities FundBSmall-Cap Growth
NSPCXVoya SmallCap Opportunities FundCSmall-Cap Growth
NSPIXVoya SmallCap Opportunities FundISmall-Cap Growth
ISORXVoya SmallCap Opportunities FundRSmall-Cap Growth
ISOZXVoya SmallCap Opportunities FundR6Small-Cap Growth
ISOWXVoya SmallCap Opportunities FundWSmall-Cap Growth
ISIAXVoya Strategic Income Opportunities FundAMulti-Sector Income
ISICXVoya Strategic Income Opportunities FundCMulti-Sector Income
IISIXVoya Strategic Income Opportunities FundIMulti-Sector Income
ISIRXVoya Strategic Income Opportunities FundRMulti-Sector Income
VSIRXVoya Strategic Income Opportunities FundR6Multi-Sector Income
ISIWXVoya Strategic Income Opportunities FundWMulti-Sector Income
VFTRXVoya Target Retirement 2020 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2020
IRSJXVoya Target Retirement 2020 FundIMixed-Asset Target 2020
VTRBXVoya Target Retirement 2020 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2020
VTRCXVoya Target Retirement 2025 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2025
IRSLXVoya Target Retirement 2025 FundIMixed-Asset Target 2025
VTRDXVoya Target Retirement 2025 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2025
VTREXVoya Target Retirement 2030 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2030
IRSMXVoya Target Retirement 2030 FundIMixed-Asset Target 2030
VTRFXVoya Target Retirement 2030 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2030
VTRGXVoya Target Retirement 2035 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2035
IRSNXVoya Target Retirement 2035 FundIMixed-Asset Target 2035
VTRHXVoya Target Retirement 2035 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2035
VTRJXVoya Target Retirement 2040 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2040
IRSOXVoya Target Retirement 2040 FundIMixed-Asset Target 2040
VTRKXVoya Target Retirement 2040 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2040
VTRMXVoya Target Retirement 2045 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2045
IRSPXVoya Target Retirement 2045 FundIMixed-Asset Target 2045
VTRNXVoya Target Retirement 2045 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2045
VTROXVoya Target Retirement 2050 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2050
IRSQXVoya Target Retirement 2050 FundIMixed-Asset Target 2050
VTRPXVoya Target Retirement 2050 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2050
VTRQXVoya Target Retirement 2055 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2055+
IRSVXVoya Target Retirement 2055 FundIMixed-Asset Target 2055+
VTRRXVoya Target Retirement 2055 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2055+
VTRSXVoya Target Retirement 2060 FundAMixed-Asset Target 2055+
VRSAXVoya Target Retirement 2060 FundIMixed-Asset Target 2055+
VTRUXVoya Target Retirement 2060 FundR6Mixed-Asset Target 2055+

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