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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
VPFIX500 Stock Index FundIS&P 500 Index
VPSKX500 Stock Index FundIIS&P 500 Index
VQFIX500 Stock Index FundTS&P 500 Index
VQAOXAggressive Opportunities FundTMid-Cap Growth
VPAOXAggressive Opportunities FundInvestorMid-Cap Growth
VPMIXBroad Market Index FundIMulti-Cap Core
VPBMXBroad Market Index FundIIMulti-Cap Core
VQMIXBroad Market Index FundTMulti-Cap Core
VPCIXCore Bond Index FundICore Bond
VPCDXCore Bond Index FundIICore Bond
VQCIXCore Bond Index FundTCore Bond
VQDSXDiscovery FundTSmall-Cap Core
VPDSXDiscovery FundInvestorSmall-Cap Core
VPDAXDiversifying Strategies FundTAlternative Global MACRO
VQEIXEquity Income FundTEquity Income
VPEIXEquity Income FundInvestorEquity Income
VQGIXGrowth & Income FundTLarge-Cap Core
VPGIXGrowth & Income FundInvestorLarge-Cap Core
VQGRXGrowth FundTLarge-Cap Growth
VPGRXGrowth FundInvestorLarge-Cap Growth
VQHYXHigh Yield FundTHigh Yield
VQTSXInflation Focused FundTInflation-Protected Bond
VPTSXInflation Focused FundInvestorInflation-Protected Bond
VQIPXLow Duration Bond FundTShort-Investment-Grade Debt
VPIPXLow Duration Bond FundInvestorShort-Investment-Grade Debt
VPSIXMid/Small Company Index FundISmall-Cap Core
VPMSXMid/Small Company Index FundIISmall-Cap Core
VQSIXMid/Small Company Index FundTSmall-Cap Core
VQRQXMilestone 2010 FundTMMixed-Asset Target 2010
VPRQXMilestone 2010 FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target 2010
VQRPXMilestone 2015 FundTMMixed-Asset Target 2015
VPRPXMilestone 2015 FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target 2015
VQROXMilestone 2020 FundTMMixed-Asset Target 2020
VPROXMilestone 2020 FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target 2020
VQRNXMilestone 2025 FundTMMixed-Asset Target 2025
VPRNXMilestone 2025 FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target 2025
VQRMXMilestone 2030 FundTMMixed-Asset Target 2030
VPRMXMilestone 2030 FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target 2030
VQRLXMilestone 2035 FundTMMixed-Asset Target 2035
VPRLXMilestone 2035 FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target 2035
VQRKXMilestone 2040 FundTMMixed-Asset Target 2040
VPRKXMilestone 2040 FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target 2040
VQRJXMilestone 2045 FundTMMixed-Asset Target 2045
VPRJXMilestone 2045 FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target 2045
VQRHXMilestone 2050 FundTMMixed-Asset Target 2050
VPRHXMilestone 2050 FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target 2050
VQRGXMilestone 2055 FundTMMixed-Asset Target 2055+
VPRGXMilestone 2055 FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target 2055+
VQRRXMilestone Retirement Income FundTMMixed-Asset Target Today
VPRRXMilestone Retirement Income FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target Today
VQCGXModel Portfolio Conservative Growth FundTMMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
VPCGXModel Portfolio Conservative Growth FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
VQAGXModel Portfolio Global Equity Growth FundTMMixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth
VPAGXModel Portfolio Global Equity Growth FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth
VQLGXModel Portfolio Long-Term Growth FundTMMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
VPLGXModel Portfolio Long-Term Growth FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
VQTGXModel Portfolio Traditional Growth FundTMMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
VPTGXModel Portfolio Traditional Growth FundInvestor MMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
VQSVXSelect Value FundTMid-Cap Value
VPSVXSelect Value FundInvestorMid-Cap Value

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