Wilmington Funds

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
AKIRXWilmington Broad Market Bond FundACorporate Debt A-Rated
ARKIXWilmington Broad Market Bond FundInstitutionalCorporate Debt A-Rated
GVITXWilmington Intermediate-Term Bond FundAShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
ARIFXWilmington Intermediate-Term Bond FundInstitutionalShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
WMLIXWilmington Large-Cap Strategy FundInstitutionalLarge-Cap Core
WRAAXWilmington Multi-Manager Alternatives FundAAlternative Multi-Strategy
WRAIXWilmington Multi-Manager Alternatives FundIAlternative Multi-Strategy
WMMRXWilmington Multi-Manager Real Asset FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
WMRIXWilmington Multi-Manager Real Asset FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
WTABXWilmington Municipal Bond FundAIntermediate Municipal Debt
WTAIXWilmington Municipal Bond FundInstitutionalIntermediate Municipal Debt
VNYFXWilmington New York Municipal Bond FundANew York Intermediate Municipal Debt
VNYIXWilmington New York Municipal Bond FundInstitutionalNew York Intermediate Municipal Debt
MVSAXWilmington Short-Term Bond FundAShort-Investment-Grade Debt
MVSTXWilmington Short-Term Bond FundInstitutionalShort-Investment-Grade Debt
WAAAXWilmington Strategic Allocation Aggressive FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth
WAAIXWilmington Strategic Allocation Aggressive FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth
WCAAXWilmington Strategic Allocation Conservative FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
WCAIXWilmington Strategic Allocation Conservative FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
ARBAXWilmington Strategic Allocation Moderate FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
ARGIXWilmington Strategic Allocation Moderate FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
AIIXXWilmington US Government Money Market FundAdministrativeInstitutional U.S. Government Money Market
WGOXXWilmington US Government Money Market FundInstitutionalInstitutional U.S. Government Money Market
AKGXXWilmington US Government Money Market FundSelectInstitutional U.S. Government Money Market
AGAXXWilmington US Government Money Market FundServiceU.S. Government Money Market
ARMXXWilmington US Treasury Money Market FundAdministrativeInstitutional U.S. Treasury Money Market
VSTXXWilmington US Treasury Money Market FundSelectU.S. Treasury Money Market
VTSXXWilmington US Treasury Money Market FundServiceU.S. Treasury Money Market

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