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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
WBLAXInvestEd Balanced PortfolioAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
WICAXInvestEd Conservative PortfolioAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
WAGRXInvestEd Growth PortfolioAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
UNACXWaddell & Reed Advisors Accumulative FundAMulti-Cap Core
WAABXWaddell & Reed Advisors Accumulative FundBMulti-Cap Core
WAACXWaddell & Reed Advisors Accumulative FundCMulti-Cap Core
WAAYXWaddell & Reed Advisors Accumulative FundYMulti-Cap Core
UNASXWaddell & Reed Advisors Asset Strategy FundAAlternative Global MACRO
WBASXWaddell & Reed Advisors Asset Strategy FundBAlternative Global MACRO
WCASXWaddell & Reed Advisors Asset Strategy FundCAlternative Global MACRO
WYASXWaddell & Reed Advisors Asset Strategy FundYAlternative Global MACRO
UNBDXWaddell & Reed Advisors Bond FundACorporate Debt A-Rated
WBABXWaddell & Reed Advisors Bond FundBCorporate Debt A-Rated
WCABXWaddell & Reed Advisors Bond FundCCorporate Debt A-Rated
WYABXWaddell & Reed Advisors Bond FundYCorporate Debt A-Rated
UNCXXWaddell & Reed Advisors Cash Management FundAMoney Market Instrument
WCBXXWaddell & Reed Advisors Cash Management FundBMoney Market Instrument
WCCXXWaddell & Reed Advisors Cash Management FundCMoney Market Instrument
UNCIXWaddell & Reed Advisors Continental Income FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
WACBXWaddell & Reed Advisors Continental Income FundBMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
WACCXWaddell & Reed Advisors Continental Income FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
WACYXWaddell & Reed Advisors Continental Income FundYMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
UNCMXWaddell & Reed Advisors Core Investment FundALarge-Cap Core
UNIBXWaddell & Reed Advisors Core Investment FundBLarge-Cap Core
WCCIXWaddell & Reed Advisors Core Investment FundCLarge-Cap Core
UNIYXWaddell & Reed Advisors Core Investment FundYLarge-Cap Core
WDVAXWaddell & Reed Advisors Dividend Opportunities FundAEquity Income
WDVBXWaddell & Reed Advisors Dividend Opportunities FundBEquity Income
WDVCXWaddell & Reed Advisors Dividend Opportunities FundCEquity Income
WDVYXWaddell & Reed Advisors Dividend Opportunities FundYEquity Income
WEGAXWaddell & Reed Advisors Energy FundANatural Resources
WEGBXWaddell & Reed Advisors Energy FundBNatural Resources
WEGCXWaddell & Reed Advisors Energy FundCNatural Resources
WEGYXWaddell & Reed Advisors Energy FundYNatural Resources
UNHHXWaddell & Reed Advisors Global Bond FundAGlobal Income
WGBBXWaddell & Reed Advisors Global Bond FundBGlobal Income
WGBCXWaddell & Reed Advisors Global Bond FundCGlobal Income
WGBYXWaddell & Reed Advisors Global Bond FundYGlobal Income
UNGVXWaddell & Reed Advisors Government Securities FundAGeneral U.S. Government
WGVBXWaddell & Reed Advisors Government Securities FundBGeneral U.S. Government
WGVCXWaddell & Reed Advisors Government Securities FundCGeneral U.S. Government
WGVYXWaddell & Reed Advisors Government Securities FundYGeneral U.S. Government
UNHIXWaddell & Reed Advisors High Income FundAHigh Yield
WBHIXWaddell & Reed Advisors High Income FundBHigh Yield
WCHIXWaddell & Reed Advisors High Income FundCHigh Yield
WYHIXWaddell & Reed Advisors High Income FundYHigh Yield
UNMBXWaddell & Reed Advisors Municipal Bond FundAGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
WBMBXWaddell & Reed Advisors Municipal Bond FundBGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
WCMBXWaddell & Reed Advisors Municipal Bond FundCGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
WYMBXWaddell & Reed Advisors Municipal Bond FundYGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
UMUHXWaddell & Reed Advisors Municipal High Income FundAHigh Yield Municipal Debt
WBMHXWaddell & Reed Advisors Municipal High Income FundBHigh Yield Municipal Debt
WCMHXWaddell & Reed Advisors Municipal High Income FundCHigh Yield Municipal Debt
WAMHXWaddell & Reed Advisors Municipal High Income FundYHigh Yield Municipal Debt
UNECXWaddell & Reed Advisors New Concepts FundAMid-Cap Growth
UNEBXWaddell & Reed Advisors New Concepts FundBMid-Cap Growth
WNCCXWaddell & Reed Advisors New Concepts FundCMid-Cap Growth
UNEYXWaddell & Reed Advisors New Concepts FundYMid-Cap Growth
UNSCXWaddell & Reed Advisors Science & Technology FundAScience and Technology
USTBXWaddell & Reed Advisors Science & Technology FundBScience and Technology
WCSTXWaddell & Reed Advisors Science & Technology FundCScience and Technology
USTFXWaddell & Reed Advisors Science & Technology FundYScience and Technology
UNSAXWaddell & Reed Advisors Small Cap FundASmall-Cap Growth
WRSBXWaddell & Reed Advisors Small Cap FundBSmall-Cap Growth
WSCCXWaddell & Reed Advisors Small Cap FundCSmall-Cap Growth
WRSYXWaddell & Reed Advisors Small Cap FundYSmall-Cap Growth
WTEAXWaddell & Reed Advisors Tax-Managed Equity FundALarge-Cap Growth
WBTMXWaddell & Reed Advisors Tax-Managed Equity FundBLarge-Cap Growth
WCTMXWaddell & Reed Advisors Tax-Managed Equity FundCLarge-Cap Growth
WATMXWaddell & Reed Advisors Tax-Managed Equity FundYLarge-Cap Growth
WVAAXWaddell & Reed Advisors Value FundALarge-Cap Value
WVABXWaddell & Reed Advisors Value FundBLarge-Cap Value
WVACXWaddell & Reed Advisors Value FundCLarge-Cap Value
WVAYXWaddell & Reed Advisors Value FundYLarge-Cap Value
UNVGXWaddell & Reed Advisors Vanguard FundALarge-Cap Growth
WRVBXWaddell & Reed Advisors Vanguard FundBLarge-Cap Growth
WAVCXWaddell & Reed Advisors Vanguard FundCLarge-Cap Growth
WAVYXWaddell & Reed Advisors Vanguard FundYLarge-Cap Growth

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