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Fund Name Ticker Symbol Investment Objective
MainStay:Bl Chip Gr;A MSBUX Large-Cap Growth
MainStay:Bl Chip Gr;B MSCBX Large-Cap Growth
MainStay:Cap Apprec;A MCSAX Large-Cap Growth
MainStay:Cap Apprec;B MCSCX Large-Cap Growth
MainStay:Cap Apprec;C MCACX Large-Cap Growth
MainStay:Convertbl;A MCOAX Convertible Securities
MainStay:Convertbl;B MCSVX Convertible Securities
MainStay:Eqty Inc;A MYIAX Equity Income
MainStay:Eqty Inc;B MEIBX Equity Income
MainStay:Equity Index MCSEX S&P 500
MainStay:Govt;A MGVAX General U.S. Government
MainStay:Govt;B MCSGX General U.S. Government
MainStay:Growth Opp;A MSOAX Large-Cap Core
MainStay:Growth Opp;B MOPBX Large-Cap Core
MainStay:Hi Yld Corp;A MHCAX High Current Yield
MainStay:Hi Yld Corp;B MKHCX High Current Yield
MainStay:Hi Yld Corp;C MYHCX High Current Yield
MainStay:Intl Bond;B MFIBX International Income
MainStay:Intl Eqty;A MSEAX International
MainStay:Intl Eqty;B MINEX International
MainStay:MAP Equity;B MAPBX Multi-Cap Core
MainStay:MAP Equity;I MUBFX Multi-Cap Core
MainStay:Resrch Val;B MRVBX Multi-Cap Value
MainStay:Sm Cap Gro;A MSMAX Small-Cap Growth
MainStay:Sm Cap Gro;B MSOBX Small-Cap Growth
MainStay:Sm Cap Gro;C MSCCX Small-Cap Growth
MainStay:Sm Cap Val;A MSPAX Small-Cap Value
MainStay:Sm Cap Val;B MSPBX Small-Cap Value
MainStay:Strat Inc;A MASAX Multi-Sector Income
MainStay:Strat Inc;B MASBX Multi-Sector Income
MainStay:Strat Val;A MVLAX Flexible Portfolio
MainStay:Strat Val;B MSVBX Flexible Portfolio
MainStay:Tax Free Bd;B MKTBX General Municipal Debt
MainStay:Total Rtn;A MTRAX Balanced
MainStay:Total Rtn;B MKTRX Balanced
MainStay:Value;A MVAAX Multi-Cap Value
MainStay:Value;B MKVAX Multi-Cap Value
MnSty Instl:Ast Mgr;Inst NIMBX Flexible Portfolio
MnSty Instl:Ast Mgr;Serv MAMSX Flexible Portfolio
MnSty Instl:Bond;Inst NIBDX Intermediate U.S. Government
MnSty Instl:EAFE;Inst NIEAX International
MnSty Instl:Gro Eq;Inst NIGEX Large-Cap Growth
MnSty Instl:Gro Eq;Serv MAGSX Large-Cap Growth
MnSty Instl:Indx Bd;Inst NIIBX General U.S. Government
MnSty Instl:Indx Eq;Inst NIIEX S&P 500
MnSty Instl:Indx Eq;Serv MAQSX S&P 500
MnSty Instl:Intl Bd;Inst NINBX International Income
MnSty Instl:Intl Eq;Inst NINQX International
MnSty Instl:S-T Bd;Inst NISBX Short U.S. Government
MnSty Instl:Val Eq;Inst NIVEX Multi-Cap Value

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